5 Career Opportunities for MPH Grads in Social Welfare

5 Career Opportunities for MPH Grads in Social Welfare

A Masters in Public Health degree can enable a person to seek a job in many different career fields in Public Health. One of the many fields in Public Health an MPH degree allows you to enter is that of Social Welfare. Social Welfare is the field that seeks to make the lives of the people better through public health education, disease prevention and control. It is a very broad field that has many different types of jobs in it. Those who work in Social Welfare work for the government mostly, but some work for non-profit organizations. Even though there are many different job titles available to MPH programgraduates who concentrate in the Social Welfare field, we are going to look at just five of them.

  • Community Outreach Worker - The Community Outreach Worker is the bottom rung of the public health careers in Social Welfare ladder. Just because it is the less glamorous job, does not mean it is not important. The Community Outreach Worker is the one who goes out into the community to inspire and educate the people on public health. Public Health needs community outreach workers to further the public health causes. To be a Community Outreach Worker, you must have a passion for people and educating them on public health issues and crises. Good communication is key to this position. Community Outreach Workers generally work in government agencies, hospitals and clinics. Salary is dependent on the location and place of employment.
  • Public Health Advisor - The Public Health Advisor is the one who advises on public health on all levels. One of the biggest parts of this position is the interviewing of those who have either been infected by infectious diseases or have been exposed to them. Public Health Advisors have many other job responsibilities that are mostly administrative in nature. Public Health Advisors find work at government agencies, hospitals, clinics and universities, among other places. The salary for the Public Health Advisor is dependent on the place of employment as well as experience and location.
  • Public Health Inspector - The Public Health Inspector inspects establishments to ensure their compliance with all health and safety laws and codes. A Public Health Inspector usually reports to a Public Health Sanitarian. Public Health Inspectors mostly work for government agencies, but they can also be hired by private companies and clinics as well. The average annual salary for a Public Health Inspector runs between $32,000 and $50,000.
  • Public Health Sanitarian - The Public Health Sanitarian is a lot like the Public Health Inspector. The main difference is that the Public Health Sanitarian can be the supervisor of the Public Health Inspector. The Public Health Sanitarian inspects for environmental health violations and prepares reports on such inspections. Public Health Sanitarians are also responsible for creating the plans to improve public health safety and codes. Public Health Sanitarians work for government agencies. The annual salary for Public Health Sanitarians ranges anywhere from $37,000 to $78,000 depending on your level of expertise.
  • Public Health Administrators - Public Health Administrators oversee the Public Health board and/or a Public Health Department. It is the responsibility of Public Health Administrators to get information regarding public health to the general public and make sure they get it in a manner that is easy for them to understand. Public Health Administrators work in both the public and private sectors. The annual salary for Public Health Administrators averages between $44,000 and $74,000 and is dependent on the employer you work for as well as experience.

Whichever career path you choose in the field of Social Welfare, it is important to know what your job will entail. If caring for and working with people are important to you, then this is the type of career for you. Social Welfare is very important in the field of Public Health and every job, big or small, is vital. Everyone has a part to play in protecting public health. Just remember to choose the career path that will make you happy. If you do that, then your work life will be a happier one.


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