50 Great Blogs on Psychology

50 Great Blogs on Psychology

Students who pursue a masters in clinical psychology will be pleased to know that many great blogs about psychology are available. One of the best things about the blogs available is that many of them are focused on specific areas of psychology.

Clinical Psychology

1. MindHacks - This blog is run by a clinical psychologist.

2. PANIC! - The blog focuses on treatment and coping options.

3. The Reality of Anxiety - This blog is written by a woman who has anxiety disorder.

4. World of Psychology - This blog offers general mental health information and resources

5. Advances in the History of Psychology - The blog focuses on the history of psychology and famous experiments.

6. PsyBlog - It is one of the most extensive blogs about general psychology.

7. Psychotherapy Brown Bag - The blog has a lot of resources for psychology students.

8. PsychCentralBlog - The PsychCentral blog contains helpful information on clinical topics.

9. PsychologyToday - The site's blog contains material from some of today's most noted psychologists.

10. FrontierPsychiatrist - The blog is written by a psychiatrist who is critical of the profession.

11. The Trouble with Spikol - This blog covers mental health policy issues.

12. FuriousSeasons - The blog is written by a journalist with bipolar disorder.

13. The Secret Life of Manic Depression - This blog is written by a female manic depression patient.

14. BeyondBlue - This blog contains information on coping with depression.

15. Family Dysfunction and Mental Health Blog - The blog discusses behavior problems and family dysfunction.

16. PostpartumProgress - Postpartum Progress offers information on this unique type of depression.

17. Teen Mental Health Blog - This blog highlights teen mental health issues.


18. Encephalon - This blog features a different blogger every two weeks.

19. The Neurophilosopher - The blog is focused on all things relating to neuroscience.

20. Neurocritic - Neurocritic studies neuropsychology from a critical perspective.

21. Neuroconscious - This blog examines the effect of modern technology on the brain.

22. The Mouse Trap - The blog focuses on neuropsychology, positive psychology and general issues.

23. Neuromarketing - This blog focuses on marketing's mental impact.

24. Channel N - The blog contains several interesting videos about the brain.


25. The Tangled Neuron - The blog is written by a dementia patient's daughter.

26. Perusing Psychology - The blog covers cognitive disorders.

Social Psychology

27. The Situationist - This blog covers social cognition and other interesting subjects.

28. Social Psychology Eye - A collection of articles on social and personality psychology, as well as current events.

29. We're Only Human - The blog is about human nature, written by a journalist.

30. The Media Psychology Blog - This blog has a focus on the impact of social media.

31. What Makes Them Click - The blog explains how to understand people better.

Bio Psychology

32. Brain Blogger - Brain Blogger is written by psychologists and neurosurgeons.

33. MindBlog - The blog is written from a biological view.

34. Brain Stimulant - This blog explores brain stimulation in-depth.

Sports and Exercise Psychology

35. Physical Exercise and Psychology Blog - This blog provides an overview of exercise and sports psychology.

36. Sports Are 80 Percent Mental - The blog focuses on sports and fitness psychology.

37. The Confidence Coach's Sports Psychology Blog - The blog uses a psychological perspective to examine sports.

38. Women Talk Sports - This blog covers sports psychology from a female perspective.

39. Exercise Psychology - This blog introduces exercise psychology to readers.

Forensic Psychology

40. In the News - This blog shows how psychology and legal issues frequently interconnect.

41. Psychology and Crime News - The blog has a mostly British perspective.

42. Hawaii Forensic Psychology - This blog is written by a psychologist who is also a lawyer.

43. Postcards from the Id - This blog takes a lighter approach to forensic psychology.

44. All About Forensic Psychology - The blog is written by an expert in the field.

School Psychology

45. Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs - The blog is focused on helping complex special needs students.

46. School Psychology Blog with Dr. Gaston Weisz - The School Psychology Blog focuses on autism and ADD.

47. School Psychologist Blog Files - This blog focuses on special needs students and learning disabilities.

48. Assessment and Intervention in School Psychology - The blog discusses how intervention is used.

Positive Psychology

49. Positive Psychology News Daily - The blog offers daily news about positive psychology.

50. The Meaning in Life - This blog helps readers find meaning in life.