9 Best Places to Work as a Clinical Psychologist

9 Best Places to Work as a Clinical Psychologist

Graduates of online Masters in Clinical Psychologyor campus-based psychology programs have a variety of workplaces to choose from. When you choose the right place to work, you can enjoy a very fulfilling career. The right location makes a difference for many people.

  • Mental Health and General Hospitals - One of the most common settings for psychologists, hospitals allow masters in clinical psychology program graduates to find steady careers. Psychologists who work in hospital settings work with teams that include psychiatrists and other medical staff. Clinical psychologists who work in hospitals also help to implement and oversee patient care. Psychologists who work in a hospital setting treat people with a variety of disorders.
  • Private Practices - Clinical psychologists in a private practice may work alone or with other psychologists. Therapy is provided for both mental disorders and personal crisis situations, either one-on-one or in groups. Behavior modification programs may be used, as appropriate. Diagnostic tests may also be performed in an office setting. When medications are needed, psychologists can make appropriate referrals to a medical doctor.
  • Rehabilitation Centers - Clinical psychologists who work in a rehabilitation setting help patients cope with injuries. Stroke victims are often helped by counseling, especially when mobility is greatly decreased. Counseling is also commonly recommended in cases where chronic pain is involved. Regular counseling can help people with serious injuries or chronic pain live more fulfilling lives.
  • Military Health Centers - Clinical psychologists who are employed by the military can work in a variety of healthcare settings, both domestic and international. Military psychologists play a key role in helping service members cope with the stress associated with combat. Some military psychologists specialize in helping spouses and family members of servicemen and women. Most military psychologists are eligible for continuing education programs.
  • The Corrections System - Many clinical psychologists choose a background in forensic psychology. A common responsibility is determining whether a criminal can stand trial. Clinical psychologists who specialize in forensics often testify during trials. Some psychologists with this type of experience choose to counsel residents of halfway houses.
  • Research Facilities - Most Masters in Clinical Psychology graduates have some background in research. Universities and hospitals often have facilities that provide crucial psychological research. These facilities often do research focusing on specific conditions. Researchers often work with graduate students who are pursuing their own clinical psychology masters degree.
  • Public and Private Schools - School psychologists help address the needs of students with behavior problems. Psychologists often provide needed interventions in the case of children who are at-risk. Clinical psychologists who work in schools work to help students and staff cope with a crisis situation
  • Nursing Homes - Nursing home patients often have special emotional needs due to age and loss of cognitive function. Psychologists may help with assessments for patients who might have dementia. Counseling often helps patients in nursing homes cope with the death of loved ones or drastic lifestyle changes. Psychologists can also help family members who may be struggling with changes to their loved ones' lives.
  • Domestic Abuse Shelters - Both women and men are susceptible to domestic violence, and victims of such abuse have special needs to be addressed. In addition to counseling victims, psychologists may provide counseling to the batterers. Clinical psychologists who are trained in domestic abuse counseling are in high demand, especially for lesser-known cases, such as abuse in same-sex relationships.

There are a number of good places where clinical psychologists may work. Each of these locations provides unique advantages and challenges. If you're looking for good places to work as a clinical psychologist, you will be able to find a suitable location very easily.


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