Arizona Graduate Human Resources Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Arizona Graduate Human Resources Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Arizona Graduate Human Resources Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of Arizona Eller College of Management:

This school is commonly ranked by magazines such as US News and World Report and the Princeton Review as being one of the top 20 business graduate schools in the country. The reason is because this school emphasizes to key facets of a business education. It emphasizes the importance of both a theoretical education and practical application. The school offers a wide array of concentrations and degrees for the business student. The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs. It offers many opportunities for experiential study, as well as international study for those students who to be part of the international market. The school also offers special programs for working professionals who cannot attend school full-time.

MBA in Human Resources Management:

This degree begins with core business classes that prepare students to understand the complex workings of today's business world. Students take classes in economics, finance, management, information systems, business ethics, and business law. Students are asked to declare areas of concentration. Human Resources Management students concentrate on a number of communication, training, and hiring practices. They learn about current issues and challenges facing employers and work forces. They also learn about various recruiting and hiring methods. Students who complete this program often go on to head staffs and departments. They are masters of negotiation who work with executives, managers, and workers to keep the workplace a smoothly running system.

Contact Information:

Address: Eller College of Management, McClelland Hall 210, 1130 E. Helen St, P.O., Box 210108, Tucson, Arizona 85721-0108

Phone Number: (520) 621-4008

Ottawa University Graduate School:

This school is designed for working professionals who wish to move up in their chosen fields. This means that the school specializes in offering students flexible schedules with online courses and evening classes that allow them the time to look after other obligations. Students in this program set their own paths and work closely with faculty advisors to make the best decisions for their careers. This school allows students the chance to become qualified leaders without having to leave the workforce.

Masters in Human Resources:

This program is designed for professionals who would like to become leaders in the human resources field. Students take a number of classes in ethics, business employments law, and organizational psychology. Students also learn administrative and training techniques and theories. Students work closely with faculty members to work out their own paths, including dates of graduation and which classes to take. Some students may be asked to participate in experiential training which will allow them to get firsthand experience in a human resources context. Students who complete this program often end up training staffs, heading departments, and running training and administrative duties. Students also change professions, since this degree allows professionals to move up into management and even executive positions.

Contact Information:

Address: 10020 North 25th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85021

Phone Number: (800) 235-9586

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