Arizona Graduate Nursing Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Arizona Graduate Nursing Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Arizona Graduate Nursing Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of Arizona College of Nursing:

This school is the most widely celebrated nursing school in Arizona. The school has a long reputation of producing some of the most innovative and influential nurses in the field. The school offers a number of undergraduate and graduate programs. The school also offers a number of opportunities for working professionals who do not have the opportunity to drop out of the workforce and study in a full-time degree program. Students are provided excellent clinical opportunities for learning and training. Many graduates of this school currently occupy leadership positions in the nursing field.

MS - PhD in Nursing:

This program is for students who have already earned master degrees in nursing and would like to pursue PhD degrees. The program is highly selective and requires an academic mastery of key nursing ideas and methods, as well as an understanding of contemporary research methods. Students begin with a core education that further explores key concepts taught in the undergraduate and master programs. The student works closely with faculty to conduct advanced research and complete PhD dissertations that they must present and defend to a panel of academic advisors and faculty members.

BSN - PhD in Nursing:

This is a fact track program designed for students who have completed their undergraduate degrees and would like to dedicate themselves to nursing research and scholarship. Students begin with a number of core classes involving biology, counseling, anatomy, and working with certain populations. Students are given a good deal of field training and are also taught cutting-edge research methods that allow them to better understand the key issues and concepts in today's nursing field. Students work closely with faculty advisors to complete PhD dissertations, which they must defend before an academic panel.

Contact Information:

Address: University of Arizona, College of Nursing, PO Box 210203, Tucson, AZ 85721-0203

Phone Number: (520) 626-6154

Master of Science in Nursing:

This program is for students who have a background in nursing, such as an undergraduate degree, and introduces students to advanced methods of nursing research as well as to the most cutting-edge practice and technology being used in the field today. Students who complete this program are eligible to become certified nurses through fieldwork and clinical research. They may also go on to pursue PhD degrees in the nursing field.

Contact Information:

Address: 3005 Highland Parkway, Downers Grove, IL 60515 Phone Number: (888) 556-8226

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