Arkansas Graduate Human Resources Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Arkansas Graduate Human Resources Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Arkansas Graduate Human Resources Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Arkansas State University College of Business:

This program is considered to be one of the top business schools in the country and is commonly ranked by US News and World Report. The school emphasizes the importance of classroom learning and practical application. Students are offered a number of internship and experiential education opportunities. The school offers a number of undergraduate and graduate program options for students. The school also brings recruiters and representatives from a number of different global and local businesses on campus to meet business students.

MBA - Human Resources Management

This program is a general business degree that allows students to pick areas of concentration. The program begins with core business education classes. Students learn about finance, economics, and business management. They learn how to build portfolios and build financing and support for large and small businesses alike. Students also work closely with faculty advisors to build their own career paths. Students declare areas of expertise. Students in the Human Resources concentration take classes in management and negotiation. They study employment law and learn about the needs of employers and workers. Students also learn training and recruiting methods. They will also take classes in business communication and organization psychology. Students who complete this program are qualified to lead staffs and human resources department in a number of different industries. They work for small businesses and large corporations and may even pursue PhD degrees in business.

Contact Information:

Address: Business Building, 103 Cooley Drive, P.O. Box 239, State University, Arkansas 72467
Phone Number: (870) 972-3035

Southern Arkansas University Graduate Studies:

This school is known for its attention to its students' needs. The school offers many opportunities for working professionals who would like to excel in their fields, but who cannot drop out of the workforce because of obligations. Students may take a number of evening and online classes. Students may also participate in any number of internship opportunities that provide them with the work experience they need to become leaders in their field.

MBA - Human Resources Management Concentration

This is a general Master of Business Administration program that allows students to choose their concentrations. Students begin with a core business education that includes the study of economics, finance, management, information technology, and business law. Students are asked to declare areas of concentration. The students who concentrate in Human Resources Management will focus on management, organizational skills, administrative skills, and negotiation. Students will also focus on employment law. Students who are not working professionals may be asked to participate in internships that provide them with an experiential education. Students who complete this program become heads of human resources departments. They also lead staffs and develop training for employees. They may also advise and become involved in the hiring and recruiting process. Students who complete this program may also go on to pursue PhD degrees.

Contact Information:

Address: 100 E. University, Magnolia, Arkansas 71753-5000

Phone Number: (870) 235-4000

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