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Masters Education Articles

What Is the Best Masters Degree to Get?

MBA The Masters in Business Administration degree is the undisputed champion of graduate degrees when it comes to career paths. Graduates from top schools report initial salaries in the $80,000 - $90,000 range while students from regional colleges and those without national recognition break in at perhaps $10,000 less. The.. .

Top Career & Job Opportunities Online with a Master's Degree

Many people who enter the work force with a Bachelors Degree will hit a glass ceiling, sooner or later. Management jobs are increasingly being filled with Masters Degree graduates. Then there are the technical specialties in many fields that require a couple of years of additional education and offer premium.. .

Online Masters Programs for Working Students

Some of the best online Masters Degree options now available are being offered by traditional universities. Many of these 'brick and mortar' institutions have been reluctant to offer Bachelors Degree programs online, but have shown to be more amenable to offering Masters Degree programs to students who have demonstrated some.. .

Is a Masters Degree Worth the Investment?

There are as many answers to this question as there are Masters Degree programs available. Opinions are rampant, but there is no hard evidence that provides a solid equation answering the question. But from any perspective, it's hard to argue that less education is more productive. Generally the equivocating answer is,.. .

Top 25 Universities with a Master's Psychology Program

Stanford University: Stanford is located in Stanford, CA, and is consistently ranked among the best for psychology graduate degrees year after year. The school is private and the program is prestigious. University of Michigan: Ann Arbor's University of Michigan has one of the biggest psychology departments in the nation, and it.. .

Top 25 Graduate Medical Schools & Colleges - Programs Overview

Harvard University: Located in Boston, MA, Harvard is a private institution. In the 2008-2009 school year, tuition for the graduate medical program was $42,500, and enrollment was 705 students. University of Pennsylvania: Located in Philadelphia, PA. The school is known for its graduate medical program, and offers tuition close to.. .

Top 25 Nursing Schools with a Graduate Masters or Phd Program

University of Washington: Located in Seattle, Washington, this school is one of the top-rated graduate nursing schools in the nation. Admissions are quite exclusive, and tuition is about average. UCSF: The University of California at San Francisco is a top nursing school in the state, and the nation. There are tuition.. .

20 Online Masters Programs & Rankings at Traditional Universities

Every year more traditional universities adopt online education as a reliable, quality option for delivering higher education. At this point many of them still opt to deliver only individual courses, but each fall more schools have opened up their online programs to include entire degree programs. The list below includes.. .

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