Can a Personality Test Point to Your Dream Job?

Personality tests: Hocus-pocus or the real deal?

For many years, various personality tests have boasted that they can help you find your perfect job. But can the lesser-known personality tests work just as well as their more famous counterparts? You might be surprised by how much you can learn about yourself through these three interesting personality assessments.

The Enneagram

Could an ancient symbol really hold the key to helping you determine your dream job? It just might. The enneagram is a symbol that consists of a circle inscribed with nine points. These nine points each indicate a different personality type. These types are driven by certain motivations, behaviors and fears. The idea is that when you come to understand your personality through the enneagram, you can then use what you learn to direct your behavior in order to bring out your ultimate potential.

Though there are some limited enneagram tests available online, the enneagram program is often taught over a half-day to two-day course. Those who take the class are taught about the personality types, figure out their own, and then learn about how they interact with others. Those in the job search might be able to use the enneagram to determine which positions will suit them, as well as which ones will simply rub them the wrong way.


This behavioral model is based on four dimensions of behavior: dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. By learning what makes up your behavior, DISC can help you determine which job might be right for you, assist you in adjusting to various workplace situations and increase your self-knowledge. By learning more about your behavior in certain situations, you can then apply the new information to figuring out how to avoid stress and conflict, what motivates you, and how you can best solve problems.

There are many DISC tests, each designed with a specific goal in mind. For instance, there are different DISC tests for those in management, leadership, sales and more. The DISC test that offers information on recruiting and hiring might be the best for those who want to learn which jobs could be best for them.

The D&D Alignment

Dungeons & Dragons? You bet. The game you either loved or hated as a kid (and maybe even as an adult!) gives us the Alignment System, including the good, evil, lawful and chaotic planes. But how can this game tell you something about your personality? By taking the alignment system combinations and combining it with the ten universals in value systems as created by Shalom Schwartz, the alignment test can help determine your natural values.

If you're curious, the ten universals are hedonism, self-direction, stimulation, power, security, achievement, conformity, tradition, universalism and benevolence. Curious as to what your alignment test will say? Jump over and take it right now to get some answers about your personality.

What does it all mean?

Taking a personality test doesn't have to wait until you are ready to move into the workforce. Taking a personality test before or during your college experience can help you determine if you are on the right educational path, whether you should switch majors and even if you should continue through to earn a master's degree or higher in order to step into the job that best suits your personality.

Personality and career assessment tests might give results that hit so close to home, it seems as though the creators could read your mind. But then there are others that fail miserably. When using personality tests to determine job suitability, it might be advantageous to take more than one test and then compare the results to get a well-rounded picture of what makes you tick, how you relate to others, and which career might be most suitable for your personality.


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