Colorado Master's in Education Degree Programs

Colorado Master's in Education Degree Programs

Colorado Graduate Education Schools with Master's & PhD Degree Programs

University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work Degree Programs

Ranked 36th in the nation for best graduate social work programs, the University of Denver offers students masters and doctoral degrees in the field of social work. Located in the heart of Denver, Colorado, the school offers students the unique ability to customize their program of study to fit their professional interests.

Masters of Social Work

Graduate students enrolled in the Masters of Social Work degree program are encouraged to take part in the hundreds of internship programs and international hands-on opportunities offered through the School. Practice experience and participation in research are the hallmark of this degree program. Students are encouraged through coursework to consider at-risk and vulnerable populations beyond the local culture to observe how global societal forces influence the human condition.

PhD in Social Work

The University of Denver offered one of the oldest doctoral degree programs in social work. The goal of the program is to prepare students to become researchers and/or postsecondary teachers of social work theory and experts in social work policy. Students will study theory and research methodology, complete dissertation research, assist faculty in projects concerning at-risk youth, drug addiction, and poverty, as well as complete teaching practicums.

Contact Information

* Address: 2148 S. High Street Denver, CO 80208-2886

* Phone Number: (303) 871-2845

Colorado State University Graduate Social Work Programs

Colorado State University ranked 60th nationwide in terms of graduate social work programs as reported by US News and World Reports. The Colorado Department of Education has approved the CSU MSW degree program as acceptable for School Social Work licensure requirements.

Master's in Social Work (MSW)

Graduate students enrolled in the CSU MSW program will dedicate two full years to their studies. Core courses are completed the first year and include, but are not limited to, social work practice, social environments, and human behavior. The final year, students focus on advanced practice with individuals, groups, and families, community practice, and policy analysis as it relates to social welfare, as well as research.

Contact Information

* Address: 129 Education Fort Collins, CO 80523-1586

* Phone Number: (970) 491-2536

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