Colorado Graduate Criminal Justice Schools with Master's and PhD Degrees Programs

Colorado Graduate Criminal Justice Schools with Master's and PhD Degrees Programs

Colorado Graduate Criminal Justice Schools with Master's and PhD Degrees Programs

University of Northern Colorado Department of Criminal Justice

This school has a criminal justice department that offers a number of areas of concentration for criminal justice students at the undergraduate and graduate level. This school believes that the key to an excellent education is the dedication of its faculty members. Faculty members at this school have all made progress and left their marks in their professional fields. They are all experienced professionals who have also achieved advanced degrees of scholarship in the criminal justice and criminology fields. Faculty works closely with students to prepare them for careers in the criminal justice field. For many students, this school is the bridge between students and criminal justice professional.

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice:

The University of Northern Colorado offers an online master course for working professionals. This course is designed for those who have full-time jobs and obligations at home, such as families, which do not allow them to pursue a full-time degree program. The online program offers the same high-quality coursework and lecture material that would be expected from a conventional on-campus degree program. Students begin with the core issues in criminal justice. They study the court system, police procedure, the law, correctional facilities, and issues in urban and rural communities. Students are able to work with faculty and other students in an online environment where they are able to explore key issues and find solutions to current issues and challenges in the field. This program is design to help professionals to move into higher positions and leadership roles, or to move into new careers altogether.

Contact Information:

Address: 501 20 St., Greeley, Colorado, 80639

Phone Number: (970) 351-1890

University of the Rockies Department of Criminology:

This is a school that specializes in courses for professionals who have obligations that do not allow them to pursue conventional on-campus full-time graduate programs. Students are given the opportunity to work with experienced faculty who help these professionals learn to better their own careers, and also make the change to a new career. Students are able to communicate online with professors and other students. They are also able to attend online lectures that teach them all they need to know to excel in their chosen fields and concentration. The school offers a number of different degree and career options.

PhD in Psychology, Criminology and Justice:

This is a special online program for advanced students who would like to become scholars in their fields of interest but who do not have the opportunity to enroll in full-time programs. The school offers the same advanced education with dedicated faculty that is offered by a conventional on-campus program. Students attend online lectures and also participate in online discussions. Students take advanced courses in psychology, correctional facilities, public policy, and community issues, which include sociological, economic, and psychological perspectives.

Contact Information:

Address: 555 East Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3612

Phone Number: (866) 621-0124

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