Colorado Graduate Engineering Schools with Masters & Ph.D Degree Program

Colorado Graduate Engineering Schools with Masters & Ph.D Degree Program

Colorado Graduate Engineering Schools with Masters & Ph.D Degree Program

University of Colorado at Boulder

The University of Colorado at Boulder is a public university that was established 5 months before Colorado was even granted statehood in 1876. The university has nine colleges and schools that educate almost 29,000 students with a faculty of over 1,000 people. The campus is located in the picturesque town of Boulder and covers over 780 acres of land.

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

There are eight study tracks in the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering program for a student to select from. They are Air Quality, Bioengineering, Design, Energy and Environment, Foundation, Materials, Mechanics of Materials, Microsystems, and Simulation Based Mechanical Engineering Sciences. The scope of these courses is designed to create a balance between modern technological focus and disciplinary depth.

Master of Engineering Degree

For working professionals the Master of Engineering Degree was designed. This program is more flexible so working adults are able to fit the classes into their schedule. A student has the option of taking up to six years to complete this course of study.

Contact Information

* Address: University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Colorado 80309

* Phone Number: (303) 492-1411

Colorado School of Mines

Located on 373 acres of land in the growing town of Golden, Colorado, the Colorado School of Mines was originally founded in 1873 by the Episcopal Church. In 1874 it was transferred to the Colorado Territory and later when the territory was made a state, it became a public teaching and research school. The primary focus of the school is engineering and applied sciences with special expertise in the development and stewardship of the Earth's natural resources. With the highest admission requirements of any public university in Colorado, the school is regarded by many as the world's foremost college of mineral engineering. There are currently over 4.300 students working on degrees at the school.

Master of Science in Engineering - Mechanical

The Colorado School of Mines Mechanical Engineering degree program has two main areas of emphasis that students will concentrate on. They are material mechanics and thermal sciences. Students are taught skills to investigate materials processing f, simulation and process control. This includes analyzing these functions from not only physical and underpinnings to industrial applications. This program strives to give students real world problems that face advanced engineering and technology today. The research done and the information learned through individual courses will help the student become a leader in public, private and government applications.

Contact Information

* Address: 1500 Illinois Street, Golden, Colorado 80401

* Phone Number: (303) 273-3000

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