Colorado Graduate Public Health Schools

Colorado Graduate Public Health Schools

Colorado Graduate Public Health Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Colorado School of Public Health:

This is considered to be the premier center for public health training and education in the state of Colorado. The school has campuses located all across the state and is associated with the University of Colorado and Colorado State University. The school offers a diverse number of undergraduate and graduate programs for students who would like to enter into a public health profession. The school offers a wide array of internship and clinical experience opportunities with a number of local, national, and global health organizations and agencies. Students are granted access to the most current research methods and technology. Students also work with the school's faculty, which is made up of experienced professionals and scholars who are at the tops of their fields. The school offers undergraduate, master, PhD, and certification degree programs.

Master of Public Health:

This is a competitive and reputable graduate program for students who are interested in entering a public health profession. Students first must choose individual areas and topics of research and study. Students begin the program by engaging in advanced courses that make up a core public health education. Students learn about public health policy, risks, preventative steps, and career issues and challenges. Students engage in lectures, discussions, and learning groups. Students are tested often so that they may demonstrate advanced understanding of key concepts and ideas. Students work closely with faculty members to complete independent projects. They also engage in clinical research opportunities, which allow them to understand the public health field from firsthand experience. Students complete master's thesis papers and final projects. Students who complete this program successfully are qualified to educate and promote public health in a number of different contexts. They are also qualified to serve as advisors and administrators for a number of different health agencies and organizations. Students who complete this program may also apply to PhD degree programs.

PhD in Health Services Research:

This is a highly competitive and advanced graduate degree for students who already have professional or academic backgrounds in the health services profession. This is a research-based degree that allows students to work on unique, innovative projects that will serve the health industry and field. Students begin by choosing individual areas of study, which will determine the progression of their education. Students then continue by further exploring the core health service and public health issues and concepts. Students engage in hours of clinical research that will aid them in their independent research projects and prepare them for their careers. Students participate in a number of discussions and learning groups and attend professional meetings and seminars. Students also work on a close basis with advisors on faculty to successfully complete their PhD dissertations. Students who complete this program are qualified to continue research and teach at the college level. They also serve at high-level administrative positions in a number of different health-related contexts.

Contact Information:

Address: 13001 E. 17th Place, Campus Box B119, Aurora, CO 80045

Phone Number: (303) 724-4585

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