Georgia Graduate Human Resources Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Georgia Graduate Human Resources Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Georgia Graduate Human Resources Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of Georgia Graduate School College of Education:

This school is considered to be one of the well known colleges in the state of Georgia. The focus of this school is leadership and responsibility. The school focuses on creating leaders who will excel in both local environments and global environments. The school offers a number of tracks and concentrations for many different students who have different needs. The core of the school is in its vision to teach students to serve the community. The school also has a number of programs for working professionals who would like to earn higher education degrees, but who do not have the time or opportunity to enroll in full-time programs. The school also offers a number of professional internship opportunities for students who would like some professional experience to help them get started in their careers.

M.Ed. in Human Resource and Organization Development:

This is a unique degree because it teaches professionals and graduate students to become human resources managers from an educational perspective. Most programs are offered through business schools and colleges. This one is unique because it is focused broad-based issues of education and training. Students learn how to communicate in groups and how to lead groups. Students take classes in organizational psychology and leadership psychology. Students also work closely with faculty advisors to work on independent projects. Students take professional internship opportunities. Students can participate in a number of different organizations and institutions locally and globally. Students who complete this program have a number of options in the professional world. They become managers and staff leaders. They also become human resources managers and other kinds of managers in the business world.

Contact Information:

Address: 317 River's Crossing, 850 College Station Rd., Athens, GA 30602-4811
Phone Number: (706) 542-3343

Georgia State University College of Business:

This is one of the well known business schools in the country and is commonly rated in the top 20 by magazines such as US News and World Report. The school believes in a cross between classroom theory and practical application. In other words, students are encouraged to research and learn the complexities of the business world, while also being encouraged to go out into the field to practice. This is all about service on a local and community level. The school offers a number of undergraduate and graduate programs and a wide array of degrees and areas of concentration. There are also many internship opportunities offered at this college.

MBA in Human Resource Management:

This is a core business graduate program with an emphasis on human resources management. The program begins with a core education in areas such as economics, finance, management, business law, and business ethics. Students concentrate on management techniques, methods, and strategies. Students take internships that allow them to learn experientially.

Contact Information:

Address: Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, PO Box 3989, Atlanta, GA 30302-3989

Phone Number: (404) 413-7000

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