Georgia Graduate Nursing Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Georgia Graduate Nursing Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Georgia Graduate Nursing Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Emory Woodruff School of Nursing:

This school, located right outside of Atlanta, is one of the top centers for producing leaders in the nursing profession. The school offers a number of resources that are valuable to both the aspiring nurse and the professional who is looking to excel in a career with advanced knowledge of scholarship and research. The program offers a number of areas of concentration as well as a number of undergraduate and graduate degrees with a number of methods for completing these degrees.

Master of Science in Nursing:

This program is for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree in nursing. The school also offers an accelerated degree for those who want to go from an undergraduate degree into a master's degree. The program begins with a core nursing education that includes courses on health administration, health promotion, caring for certain populations, and counseling. Students may choose individual areas of concentration. Students also work closely with faculty members and advisors to complete independent projects. Students are also expected to participate in clinical fieldwork opportunities and internships. Students who complete this program take leadership roles in the nursing industry. Others apply for PhD degree programs.

Contact Information:

Address: 1520 Clifton Road NE., Atlanta, Georgia 30322

Phone Number: (404) 727-7980

Medical College of Georgia School of Nursing:

This is considered the premier nursing school in the state of Georgia and also one of the most prestigious and elite schools in the country. Year after year this school ends up among the top-listed nursing graduate schools in the country in the US News and World Report. The college offers a number of degrees and concentrations for nursing students. The college also offers a number of methods for attaining degrees, including programs designed for professionals who cannot attend school full-time.

MSN - Family Nurse Practitioner:

This program is for graduate students who already hold undergraduate degrees in nursing or who have already become RN's. This program further explores key nursing concepts taught in the undergraduate program. Students learn to care for a number of different populations. They learn different methods for counseling, and they also further explore health education and health promotion. Students choose individual areas of expertise and work with faculty members to complete independent projects. Students are required to engage in internships and clinical fieldwork.

Doctor of Nursing Practice:

This program is for graduate students who have already complete master degrees in nursing and would like to become scholars and master researchers in the field. These students choose individual areas of research and work with faculty advisors to complete PhD dissertations. Students do much clinical work and use the most cutting edge research methods. Students who complete this program take administrative and leadership positions in health care organizations and in universities.

Contact Information:

Address: MCG School of Nursing, 987 St. Sebastian Way, Augusta, GA 30912

Phone Number: (706) 721-3771

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