Graduate Psychology Schools in New Mexico

Graduate Psychology Schools in New Mexico

Graduate Psychology Schools in New Mexico with Degree Program Overviews

University of New Mexico’s Graduate Psychology Programs

U.S. News and World Report ranks the graduate psychology program at the University of Mexico among the nation’s top one hundred schools for advanced education in this field. Students that are accepted to one of the University’s highly specialized programs of study will have the privilege of working with internationally recognized faculty members with access to external research grants that exceed $8 million in funding. If you’re interested in continuing your psychological research in a culturally diverse setting, the campus of the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque is one of the schools you should consider.

Ph.D in Clinical Psychology

The faculty of the graduate psychology program at the University of New Mexico is dedicated to the ideal that clinical psychology is first and foremost a scientific enterprise, regardless of the focus or scope of research. To this end, they seek to encourage doctoral candidates in the Clinical Psychology program to embrace the philosophy, principles, and methods of behavioral science so that they may emerge from the program as scholars, ready to make important contributions to the scientific literature in this field, as well as securing competitive positions of employment as specialists in all industries.

Ph.D in Evolution and Development Psychology

Candidates who would like to be able to pursue a broad range of topics pertaining to cognitive and social processes, are likely to find that they fit best in the Evolution and Development Psychology doctoral program at the University of New Mexico. Class work in this program includes in advanced research into social and emotional development, developmental methodology and psychophysiology, as well as personality theory and assessment

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Address: MSC03 2220, Albuquerque, NM 87131-1161

Phone Number: 505-277-4121

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