Graduate Psychology Schools in Oklahoma

Graduate Psychology Schools in Oklahoma

Graduate Psychology Schools in Oklahoma with Degree Program Overviews

University of Oklahoma’s Graduate Psychology Programs

The University of Oklahoma is proud to offer graduate level training in a variety of psychological specialties at both the Master’s and Doctoral levels. This is unique when compared to other top U.S. graduate psychology programs that choose to only admit students who are committed to pursuing their education all the way to the doctoral level. If you are interested in setting yourself apart as a professional in the field of psychology, but not yet sure if you’re ready to commit to five or more years of class work and research, this program could be the right option for you. The program is ranked among the top seventy five schools in the nation for graduate study of psychology by U.S. News and World Report.

M.S in Developmental and Personality Psychology

The Master’s program in Developmental and Personality Psychology at the University of Oklahoma is designed to help students develop a deeper understanding processes of normative human development and will provide training in both of the traditional areas of study, social and social-cognitive development. Students will have the structure of faculty with well-defined areas of expertise as well as the flexibility to explore lesser known sub-areas with faculty supervision. This program requires that students complete thirty hours of coursework beyond the Bachelor’s degree, as well as a Master’s Thesis on their specific area of research and an oral defense.

Ph.D in Animal Cognition

Many people hear the word psychology and assume that its only application is the mental and emotional processes of the human race, but what they fail to realize is that we learned much of what we know about our own cognitive functionality from observing and testing our animal relatives. Students admitted to this program are typically taught about the biological bases of behavior, through the study of animal information processing, including inferential processes and how they make decisions.

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