Idaho Graduate Human Resources Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Idaho Graduate Human Resources Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Idaho Graduate Human Resources Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

George Fox University School of Business:

This school is for students who are working professionals or business students who would like the experience and education necessary to move ahead in the business world. The school has two locations, in Oregon and Boise, Idaho. The school is known nation-wide for its dedication to its students, its excellent faculty, and its wide array of degree concentrations. Students may also take classes as working professionals. In other words, there are special programs developed for professionals who have other obligations that keep them from full-time enrollment. The school also offers a number of internship and experiential education opportunities.

MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management:

This program is for graduate students who want to gain an advanced understanding of current human resource strategies and methods. The program begins with classes in management theory, technique and philosophy. Students study the structures of organizations and learn administrative processes. Students will also learn about organizational psychology and group dynamics. Students also learn about the world of business. They take courses in business law, employment law, business ethics, and training and hiring techniques. Students who complete this program are qualified to lead and train staffs in a number of different businesses and industries nationwide.

Contact Information:

Address: 1810 S. Eagle Road, Meridian, ID 83642

Phone Number: (208) 375-3900

University of Idaho College of Graduate Studies:

The school provides a number of different degrees and concentrations for a number of different fields. The school also caters towards the working professionals who would like to excel in their fields, but who are kept from enrolling in full-time programs because of other obligations. These programs meet on nights, weekends, and are available online. Students who attend this college graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in their chosen field. The school also offers a wide range of internships and professional experiential educations for those students who would like job experience while attending classes.

MBA - Human Resource Management Concentration:

The College of Graduate Studies offers full-time and part-time MBA that provide general business education, but students are allowed to choose individual concentrations in the business field. Students may choose to study human resource management and strategies. The program begins with a core business education that teaches students advanced techniques and theories in economics, finance, management, and business law and ethics. Students then take elective and pave the way toward their own goals with the help of faculty advisors. Students take classes in organizational psychology, management and administration, employment law, negotiation, and training techniques. Students who graduate from this program are qualified to lead staffs and manage human resource departments in a number of different industries and businesses.

Contact Information:

Address: 322 E. Front Street, Boise, ID 83702
Phone Number: (208) 334-2999

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