Infographic: Email: Friend or Foe? A Look at How This Essential Technology Impacts Our Professional and Personal Lives

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Infographic: Email: Friend or Foe?


Many companies and employees consider e-mail the lifeblood to work productivity. They check it repeatedly while they are at the office. And, thanks to mobile technology, many employees take their e-mails home with them and according to one source, check them while on vacation, or at weddings, or even from the bathroom. But is e-mail really the great productivity tool or is it really just putting undue stress and distractions on overworked and overwhelmed employees.

A number of recent studies have shown tangible links between email and stress, and between email and distracted employees. Other factors like poorly crafted e-mails or the time it takes to a respond to e-mail has shown to adversely affect some employees. Our infographic takes aim at the issue and tries to help sort out some answers. Learn more about the pros and cons of constant e-mail exposure.


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