International Students

International Students

The following lists of schools have been listed by US News and World Report as institutions with the highest foreign student bodies. Not only are many of these schools highly ranked in other US News top lists but by having a large international student body these schools may offer international students a more familiar learning environment. Be sure to check out the 2015 ranking of US News and World Report's Best Graduate Schools to find out what each school ranks for and why.

US News rankings are based on quality assessment surveys, GRE scores, total enrollment and graduation rates. The following colleges reported the largest percentage of international students in their student body during the 2012-2013 academic years.

  1. New School 29%
  2. Florida Institute of Technology 28%
  3. Illinois Institute of Technology 23%
  4. Lynn University 22%
  5. University of Tulsa 22%
  6. Carnegie Mellon University 18%
  7. Purdue University -- West Lafayette 17%
  8. University at Buffalo -- SUNY 16%
  9. University of San Francisco 16%
  10. Northeastern University 15%

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