Iowa Graduate Public Health Schools

Iowa Graduate Public Health Schools

Iowa Graduate Public Health Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of Iowa College of Public Health:

This is the premier center for public health education and one of the most respectable in the country. The college offers a wide variety of programs, degrees, concentrations, and certifications for aspiring and professional health care educators, students, and scholars. The school offers undergraduate, master, and PhD degree programs, as well as certification programs and programs for employed professionals who cannot attend full-time programs. The school also offers a number of internship and clinical research experiences. The school provides students with access to an experienced and dedicated faculty that works closely with students. The school also allows students unlimited access to research materials and programs.

Master of Public Health - Health Communication:

This is a degree for those who wish to pursue the world of public health from the perspective of the communicator. Students enter the program and declare individual areas of interest and concentration. Students then learn about key issues in the public health field, such as policy, community influence, environmental influence, and education and health promotion. Students will then study the field of health communication. Students are taught about working with people from different cultures and environments. Students will engage in internships and clinical research projects that allow them to experience health communication in a number of different contexts. Students work closely with faculty members to complete research projects and papers. Students who complete this program become educators and health promoters in a number of different fields. Students may also apply to PhD degree programs.

Master of Health Administration:

This program is for students who are interested in administrative, managerial, and leadership roles in the public health profession. Students learn about key issues and public health. They focus on information technology, operations systems, and research software as it is related to health. Students also learn how to lead staffs of health professionals and how to work within the health community in regards to public policy, law, and the needs of certain communities. Students who finish this program become health leaders, administrators, staff managers and educators. Students may also apply to PhD degree programs for continued research.

PhD in Health Services and Policy:

This is an advanced graduate degree for students who already have a background in health care and health policy. Students enter this program with declared areas of interest and concentration. Students further explore key health policy theories, methods, and issues. Students engage in hours of clinical research locally and abroad. Students will work in a close relationship with faculty advisors to complete PhD dissertations, which must be presented and defended before an academic panel. Students who complete this program are qualified to continue research and teach at the university level. Students also become planners, policy writers, and high-level administrators in government and other public agencies and organizations.

Contact Information:

Address: College of Public Health, E107 General Hospital, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242

Phone Number: (319) 384-8421

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