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Masters in Nursing (MSN) Jobs & Careers

Master of Science in Nursing Jobs Traditionally there have been four areas for advanced practice nursing as defined by the MSN degree: nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, nurse midwife, and nurse anesthetist. Those four fields have expanded vastly into areas of specialization; there have also been non-clinical specializations folded into most...

Masters in Education Jobs

Masters in Education Jobs There are as many Masters in Education jobs as there are specialists in a school, a district or a department of education. The MEd degree is a ticket to a professional career in education, whether in the classroom or in an office where educational policy is developed...

10 Best Careers in the HIV/AIDS Battle- World Aids Day

Ten Best Careers in the HIV/AIDS Battle One of the most important things to understand about the battle against HIV/AIDS is that the front lines are overseas. The number of new cases being reported in the United States slowed its climb in the 1990s. So did the deaths, largely because of...

Masters in Finance Jobs

Masters in Finance Jobs Because most Master in Finance degrees are in fact MBA degrees with a specialization in Finance, the career options are many and varied. Many of the MBA in Finance graduates from top tier schools gravitate to Wall Street and to investment banks in other locations because of...

Masters in Electrical Engineering Jobs

Masters in Electrical Engineering Jobs The field of electrical engineering in general has shifted towards electronics and towards the use of electricity in computer operations, computer systems and microelectronics as applied in the thousands of consumer applications we see today. There are however some electrical engineering jobs along more traditional lines...

Masters in System Engineering & Jobs

Masters in System Engineering Jobs In a lot of industries, systems engineers put pieces together. They are responsible for making discrete components of a production system, an industrial system, a manufacturing system, or a data system fit together and functions as a unit. This role requires a couple of skills. The...

Masters in Engineering Management Jobs

Masters in Engineering Management Jobs Industrial and financial firms looking for engineering managers are often searching for individuals with very different skill sets. Industrial, mechanical and civil engineering managers work in a very different milieu than engineering managers developing software and data systems for firms in the financial services sector. Our...

Masters in Civil Engineering Jobs

Masters in Civil Engineering Jobs Civil engineering is the second oldest engineering field in the world, led only by military engineering according to Wikipedia. It is the long established baseline engineering discipline for all types of engineering work unrelated to the battlefield; all of the various engineering specializations today stem from...

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