Kansas Graduate Public Health Schools

Kansas Graduate Public Health Schools

Kansas Graduate Public Health Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of Kansas School of Medicine:

This is the most diverse and innovative medical school in the state of Kansas. On a national scope, this school is normally rated among the best in magazines such as US News and World Report. The school offers a number of different degrees, programs, concentrations, and areas of study for aspiring doctors, nurses, health administrators, and public health officials. The school offers a number of valuable experiential and clinical research and professional preparation experiences for students at all levels. The school also offers a talented and dedicated faculty of professionals and scholars who work closely with students to help them through their programs and enter careers as health professionals.

Master of Public Health - Preventative Medicine and Public Health:

This is a selective graduate degree program for graduate students who would like to learn about preventative medicine from a public health perspective. Students declare areas of interest and concentration. They begin the program by taking core courses in public health. They learn about laws, policies, methods, theories, and community influences on public health. Students learn about challenges and issues in the profession. They participate in lectures, discussions, and learning groups where they engage in the ongoing dialogue that occurs among health professionals. Students engage in clinical research and internships that give them the firsthand experience they need to become valued members of the health community.

M.H.S.A in Health Policy and Management:

This is a degree for students who are interested in gaining a deep and complex understanding of health management and policy. Students choose individual areas of concentration. Students then learn about general issues and concepts related to the field. Students study current software and information systems. They learn from research and case studies. Students perform their own research using the most cutting-edge methods and also perform clinical research that gives them a firsthand understanding of the field. Students work with faculty members to complete individual projects and master's thesis papers and studies. Students who successfully complete this program become leaders, trainers, and administrators in the health field.

Contact Information:

Address: School of Medicine, Mail Stop 1049, 3901 Rainbow Boulevard, Kansas City, KS 66160
Phone Number: (913) 588-5200

Kansas State University Graduate School:

This school offers a number of areas of concentration for graduate students in Kansas. The school specializes in professional training and degrees that have practical application purposes. The school offers a number of special programs for working professionals who cannot afford to enroll in full-time programs. The school also offers a number of certification programs and internship opportunities.

Master of Public Health:

This is a graduate program for students who want to gain a more advanced understanding of public health issues and practices. Students engage in community internship projects and get a core public health education.

Contact Information:

Address: Kansas State University, 311 Trotter Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone Number: (785) 532-2042

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