Kansas Graduate Teaching Schools with Masters and PhD Programs

Kansas Graduate Teaching Schools with Masters and PhD Programs

Kansas Graduate Teaching Schools with Masters and PhD Programs

Kansas State University Graduate School

It offers over 100 fields of study, 60 masters degrees, and 40 doctoral programs. Its teaching curriculum is diverse, even offering opportunities to study abroad to gain the most of your educational experience.

Masters in History

Seminars, coursework, surveys and a thesis or report is required in order to graduate. Students can choose from over 100 classes, and can focus on specializing in any point in history. Subjects include world, regional, political, gender based and cultural history.

Masters in Special Education

Students will be prepared to teach those with behavioral, learning or emotional disorders. Coursework includes Characteristics of Behavioral and Emotional Disorders, Interventions: Academic Disabilities and Transitions in Special Education.

PhD in Family Life Education and Consultation

Instead of teaching in a traditional classrooms, students will be taught how to educate families. They can use their knowledge to improve family situations, or conduct research into the structure and behaviors of a family. Courses include Family Resource Management, Family Life Education Foundation and Methods, and two courses on statistics.

Contact Information

*Address: Manhattan, KS 66506

*Phone Number: (785) 532 - 6011

University of Kansas Graduate School

This university continues to provide groundbreaking research to the fields of nature, medicine and engineering. Alumni continue to praise it for its encouraging atmosphere and challenging coursework. Many of their masters and PhD programs are nationally ranked at #1.

Masters in Curriculum and Instruction - Gifted and Talented Education

Students will be taught how to identify and meet the challenges of educating gifted and talented people.

Masters in Curriculum and Instruction - Foreign Language

There are upwards of 40 languages to choose from. Learning a foreign language can open you up to new cultural experiences. You can prepare to teach foreign languages to students here, or go overseas.

Masters in Curriculum and Instruction - Language Arts/English Education

Coursework includes Writing, Language and Learning in Middle School/Secondary Classrooms, Teaching Young Adult Literature, and Issues in Teaching Middle School/Secondary Classrooms.

Contact Information

*Address: Lawrence, KS 66045

*Phone Number: (785) 864 - 2700

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