Louisiana Graduate Education Schools & Programs

Louisiana Graduate Education Schools & Programs

Louisiana Graduate Education Schools with Master's & PhD Degree Programs

Tulane University, Tulane School of Social Work Graduate Programs

The 53rd best graduate program in Social Work, as ranked by US News and World Reports, is Tulane University's School of Social Work. The school presented the first social work program in the Deep South in 1921.

Master of Social Work

Graduate students hoping to get a MSW can expect to explore methodologies from philosophy, sociology, psychology, and theology. A well-rounded curriculum is provided to graduate students as a way to prepare them for the demands of becoming effective social workers. Documentation of past, present, and future trends in social work will develop the students' own understanding and learning of the community they live in - a practice cherished by all professional social workers. Social work practices and educational research are taught cross-curricular to add to the knowledge of the profession.

Contact Information

* Address: 6823 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 70118-5672

* Phone Number: (504) 865-5314

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Social Work Graduate Programs

As the 71st best out of 278 schools surveyed for US News and World Report's 2008 ranking for best graduate social work schools, LSU prides itself on a compassionate but competent Social Work graduate program. The School of Social Work recently launched the Brij Mohan Award and Professorship, a campaign to raise funds for an endowed professorship in honor of Brij Mohan, a pioneer in comparative social welfare.

Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work (PhD in Social Work)

Meeting the demands of a human services field can be challenging. A Doctorate of Philosophy in Social Work prepares students for the challenges and demands of being a social worker. A social worker student is exposed to experiences with various client populations, societal conditions, common misconceptions of the field, and documentation needs of being a social worker. Students obtaining a PhD in Social Work will attend professional development seminars and meetings to hear current procedures and theories on social work topics as well.

Contact Information

* Address: 311 Huey P. Long Field House Baton Rouge, LA 70803

* Phone Number: (225) 578-5875

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