Maine Graduate Engineering Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Maine Graduate Engineering Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Maine Graduate Engineering Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of Maine's Graduate Engineering Programs

This university was originally founded in 1862 and earned university states in 1897. UMaine has six different schools of learning. The College of Engineering is where you can earn one of several engineering degrees. If this is the subject you have in mind to earn your graduate degree in, and you want to attend school in Maine, this is your only choice to earn a graduate degree in engineering in the state. There are about 12,000 students that attend the university each year. 21% of those enrolled are graduate students. The average rate of acceptance is 77%.

Masters of Science in Biological Engineering

This program prepares students for conducting research in this field. Research is conducted for the purpose of creating a thesis. If you want to be accepted into this program, you need to have completed an accredited undergraduate program within an engineering discipline. Your GPA must be impressive as well. Required courses in the core curriculum include Transport Phenomena, Biochemical Engineering and an advanced math course in the 500 or 600 levels. Three elective courses and two semesters of the graduate seminar courses are also required for completion of the program.

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

To be accepted into this program, you must have a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering or its equivalent. High scholastic competency is important for admission as well. Both thesis and non-thesis options are available for students interested in this program. Four core classes are Linear Systems Analysis, Electromagnetic Theory, Random Variable & Stochastic Processes, and Solid State Electronics. Generally, no more than six credits of level 400 classes will be accumulated for credit toward graduation. Apart from the required courses, you may also want to take courses in subjects of math, physics, chemistry, computer science and other related disciplines in the form of level 500 or 600 courses.

Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering

To be eligible for acceptance into this program, you need to have earned a Bachelor's degree in either Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering. This program has requirements that include passing a qualifying exam, completing 42 credits past the undergraduate level, passing a comprehensive exam, and presenting a doctoral thesis. To remain in the program, PhD students must maintain a 3.33 grade point average, or a B+ in every class. This includes credits transferred from previous degrees.

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