Maine Graduate Teaching Schools with Masters and PhD Programs

Maine Graduate Teaching Schools with Masters and PhD Programs

Maine Graduate Teaching Schools with Masters and PhD Programs

University of Maine Graduate School Physics Programs

The Graduate School is a separate division of the University of Maine, and offers master's degrees in more than 60 areas of study. Doctorates are currently offered in 26 different areas. The Department of Physics & Astronomy offers various comprehensive programs for Physics.

Master's in Engineering-Engineering Physics

Graduate students pursuing this program will have their engineering and physics skills further emphasized. The program focuses on various physics courses, several of which are required for all students. These courses include Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics I and II, Electrodynamics and Statistical Mechanics.

PhD in Physics-Doctor of Philosophy

Qualified graduate students can also pursue a PhD in Physics. Students who enter must already hold at least a bachelor's degree in Physics. Required courses include Solid State I and Methods of Theoretical Physics. Students must also take at least one advanced course, and may choose Solid State II, Electrodynamics II, Continuum Mechanics, Methods of Theoretical Physics II or Statistical Mechanics II.

Contact Information

* Address: 120 Bennett Hall, Orono, Maine, 04469-5709

* Phone Number: (207) 581-1039

University of Southern Maine Graduate Studies Biological Science Programs

The University of Southern Maine gives graduate students access to a large local network of resources of all aspects. Students pursuing the Biological Science program will be able to access state-of-the-art facilities in order to complete their coursework, including research in cell and molecular biology.

Master's in Science-Physiology

Graduate students of the Physiology program will study the physiological processes as well as how they are regulated in animals. They will also have laboratory examinations of the physiological mechanisms in animals. Coursework will include general physiology and comparative physiology, as well as related laboratory courses.

Masters in Science-Ecology

Students may also pursue the Ecology program. Graduate students will continue work from their basic microbiology courses, examining microbial evolution and biodiversity. They will examine physiological adaptation, as well as biogeochemical cycles. The coursework for this program consists of an introduction to marine biology and microbial ecology.

Contact Information

* Address: 96 Falmouth Street, Portland, ME 04104

* Phone Number: (207) 780-4141

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