Masters of Engineering Management Online Programs

Masters of Engineering Management Programs

Master of Engineering Management Online Programs

There are not a lot of schools willing to put the effort into an online graduate program in engineering of any sort, let alone engineering management. For that reason our collection of schools that make this degree available in distance learning format is necessarily somewhat limited. The upside to this brief list is that all of these institutions have extensive experience in online teaching; most of these schools have far more experience with online education than the higher visibility traditional universities that have gotten into online education in recent years. There is some value to be expected from schools that developed the entire online education format.

Many graduate programs offered online are created as distance learning options in part because of the desire among working professionals to return to school. Several of these programs provide the flexibility for working students, so that the academic value is maximized for each individual and total disruption of home and professional lives isn't necessary to return to college. The master's in engineering management is a natural progression for professionals who have been working as engineers or engineering technicians and would like to move into a supervisorial role. Any one of these schools will provide an excellent credential for stepping up the career ladder.

Northcentral University: The online degree option in this field at Northcentral is an MBA with specialization in Engineering and Technology Management. Courses such as Applied Systems Theory take the systems engineering approach to engineering management, a well established academic approach to the discipline. Other courses in the curriculum include Technology Management, and Management of Research and Development Organizations. This last class is training in the critical test protocol development role that engineering managers take on.

University of Maryland University College: There are two Master of Science in Management degree options offered online at UMUC that stand out as degrees that mesh nicely with the role of engineering manager. The Master of Science in Management: Project Management includes course in the curriculum that include Financial Decision Making, along with Statistics for Managerial Decision Making. Project Risk Management and Project Procurement Management also both fit into an engineering management job responsibility description. The Master of Management: Information Systems and Services includes training in Information Systems Sourcing Management and a substantial number of course that touch on information assurance. All of these are systems engineering challenges.

Colorado Technical University: There are two degree options at this school that offer training in engineering management. The Master of Science in Management with concentration in Information Technology/Project Management includes the relevant training modules for IT engineering management with a focus on project completion, from the planning and design stages through implementation. The Master of Science in Management with concentration on Organizational Leadership & Change is similar to the role that an industrial engineering manager would take in implementing operations engineering changes. Both degrees provide training for managing the successful implementation of an engineered project, either in IT or in other engineering sectors.

Drexel University: This school has a comprehensive online program for graduate engineering students. Drexel has tackled the difficult challenges that come with teaching advanced courses in a highly technical field. The Master of Science in Engineering Management is a forty eight credit program, organized into sixteen graduate level courses that are offered in ten week quarters. There is also an option for specialization in Infrastructure Engineering Management. Among the courses are two classes in financial management, a course in managerial statistics, and a course in engineering law.

University of South Florida: The Master of Science in Engineering Management offered by this school has a curriculum that touches on several aspects of engineering management that include the business side of management, the human element and the theories behind project management in general. Courses include Technology & Finance, Work Physiology & Biomechanics, Engineering Value Analysis, and Industrial Statistics & Quality Control. The course in Industrial Systems Simulation and the course in Probabilistic Operations Research provide some advanced mathematical and algorithmic training in the planning that goes into engineering management.

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