Masters in Civil Engineering Schools

Masters in Civil Engineering Schools

Masters in Civil Engineering Schools

Graduate programs in civil engineering that are completely online are relatively rare. There are a number of programs however that are offered by traditional universities, which blend online courses with weekend or evening classes in order to make the masters in civil engineering accessible to working professionals. It takes a proactive administration and a cooperative faculty to introduce graduate programs that utilize the new educational technology and still meet the academic standards that are of critical importance to faculty and to university leadership.

Featured Distance Learning Program

Norwich University has a master of civil engineering degree offered entirely online and tailored for working professionals. Those who choose to work continue courses through the summer can complete the program in as little as twenty one months. The program has incorporated an element of business curriculum for engineering students who are contemplating working in a consulting role. The technical areas of concentration offered include Structural, Geotechnical, Construction Management, and Environmental/Water Resource Engineering.

Masters in Civil Engineering Schools

1. University of Illinois has the #2 ranked graduate program in civil engineering in the U.S. The three degree options are the MS in Civil Engineering, the MS in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering and the MS in Civil Engineering and Environmental Science. There are many options for areas of concentration. The online option for engineering at UI is the Master of Engineering offered through the U of I Online program. This degree is a general program designed for professionals in the field who wish to upgrade skills and credentials; among the required courses are Engineering Law and Engineering Management.

2. North Carolina State University has an engineering department that stands out among the state's sixteen public university campuses. The school offers an online Master of Civil Engineering that is delivered via the Internet in the form of ten courses which feature lectures that are captured, digitized and stored for student access at any time. The online program also offers concentrations in construction engineering & management, environmental engineering, geotechnical/geoenvironmental engineering, structures & mechanics, transportation systems & materials, and water resources. The campus degree options are similar in diversity but don't offer the flexibility of the online program.

3. University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering is one of the recognized engineering schools in the country US News and World Report and by its peers. The master's in civil engineering offered at USC is available with concentrations in construction engineering, structural engineering, and transportation engineering. All of those degrees are available online as well. The general masters in civil engineering is available on campus only and is designed for undergraduates with a degree in civil engineering who wish to complete an advanced degree in with broad applications in the workplace.

4. Drexel University is one of those regional schools with a reputation that has put a lot of initiative into developing online degree programs and has also worked hard at maintaining academic standards for those degrees as well as accreditation for the school and departments within it. The master's in civil engineering at Drexel is offered on campus with the standard options for specialization: transportation, structural, water resources, construction and project management. Drexel University has a masters in engineering management that is offered online for engineering professionals who wish to develop the business skills associated with many senior engineering positions.

5. University of Colorado/Denver offers a master of science in civil engineering on campus that includes areas of concentration in environmental & sustainability engineering; geographic information systems; hydrology & hydraulics; structural engineering; and transportation. All entrants must have an undergraduate degree in engineering. The online option from UC/Denver is a masters in civil engineering (MEng) offered for students who do not have an undergraduate degree in engineering. Specializations in this distance learning program are sustainable infrastructure, transportation systems and geographic information systems.

Our list of schools incorporates this concept of academic outreach as one of the positive attributes of an engineering school. We also look at the traditional issues: a school's ranking in one or more of the annual college surveys, the reputation of the engineering school within the university, and the range of engineering expertise demonstrated by the degrees that are offered and the level of academic concentration required for graduate work. Many schools today offer the masters in civil engineering as a thesis degree or a non-thesis degree. To an extent that decision, left to the student, may ride on the academic goal - a job as a professional engineer versus continued academic study and research at the doctoral level. From an analytical standpoint, we feel it is important that both options be available to graduate engineering students.

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