Masters in Counseling Requirements

Masters in Counseling Requirements

Masters in Counseling Requirements

The length of any master's program depends on the university that isoffering it and the curriculum requirements associated with it. In the case ofcounseling, most professional positions in the field require licensure - andthe licensure requirements have much to do with academic standards. Programsthat are designed to prepare students for a license in clinical counseling,school counseling, addiction counseling or a related specialty that requires a state license are going to havecurricula that provide a lot of focus on the types of counseling involved inthe specialty, the psychology that underlies counseling in those particularfields and the development issues associated with clients. There are alsosubstantial practicum requirements with some of these degrees that demandhundreds or even thousands of hours of field experience prior to the issuanceof a license to practice.

Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy Requirements

The MFT is one of the most respected master's programs in counseling and oneof the most challenging academically. The program generally takes two to threeyears to complete. A rigorous MFT program may be a fifty to sixty credit courseof study with classes in career counseling, group counseling, familycounseling, couples counseling, and some room for electives to further define acounseling career track. The real challenge for MFT students however is therequirement of 3,000 hours in field internship, working at MFT counseling in asupervised environment. Usually this takes two years of concentrated effortafter completion of the academic program.

Masters in School Counseling Requirements

Masters in School Counseling can be an eighteen month to two year program ofstudy and like other counseling programs, an intergral part of the academicexperience is field work, which may be continued after graduation in order tomeet licensing requirements. A Masters in School Counseling can come in theform of a degree in psychology, in education or in counseling. In any case thecurriculum will include classes in alcohol and substance abuse, integrative counseling, and assessment incounseling. Some programs require field work in both elementary and secondaryschools, with several hundred hours of supervised counseling in eachenvironment.

Masters in Substance Abuse Counseling Requirements

This degree will also require two years of study in a fifty to sixty creditprogram, under most circumstances. Often this is a Master of Arts in Psychologyor a Masters in Clinical Counseling with specialization in substance abuse; agood career choice because substance abuse counseling is predicted to be one ofthe fastest growing jobs in the nation over the next decade. The classes thatfocus on the counseling specialization include areas such as group counselingfor addictive behavior, the psychology of addiction, treatment of alcohol &substance abuse, and substance abuse prevention. These programs generallyrequire 600 - 800 hours of supervised field work during the course of study.The state requirements for licensure may demand several hundredadditional hours of field work, depending on the license. In most states thereare several levels of licensing for substance abuse counseling andrehabilitation.

Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling Requirements

Rehabilitation counseling is a fast growing field, due in part to our agingpopulation. Rehabilitation counselors work with people who have developmentaldisabilities or difficulties associated with trauma or aging, providing supportfor rehabilitation and recovery efforts. This is often another Master ofClinical Counseling or Clinical Psychology specialization; the academic programwill usually require two years of full time effort and will be accompanied bysubstantial hours working with licensed counselors in the field. The courseworkwill include classes in vocational evaluation, occupational assessment &career counseling, psychosocial aspects of disability, and a substantial numberof courses related to substance abuse. The practicum requirements for thisdegree and this license vary from school to school, state to state, but mostprograms require at least 600 hours in the field during the period ofenrollment.

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