Masters in Counseling Scholarships & Fellowships

Masters in Counseling Scholarships & Fellowships

Masters in Counseling Scholarships & Fellowships

The scholarships that are endowed with the express purpose of supportingstudents in counseling may be found in endowments that support psychology orsocial work or education graduate students. Counseling degrees are available inall three of these disciplines as well as standalone programs that are offeredtoday in many universities. There may also be endowed fellowships for liberalarts students or those engaged in a degree that focuses on human service ofsome sort. Counseling is one of those professions that can be reached viaseveral academic tracks and so the focus on scholarships for the field shouldexpand across those fields as well. We have presented a small collection of theprograms that are available for graduate students pursuing a counseling career.It is always wise to check with the school you have selected to determine ifthere are scholarships managed through the university for which your course ofstudy is qualified.

1. The Beinecke Scholarship is awarded to twentyscholars every year who are pursuing a degree in humanities, the arts, orsocial sciences. Nominations are made by the university and candidates musthave demonstrated not only financial need but also exceptional academicability. Generally applicants are still in undergraduate study but are planninga graduate program of study as well. Applicants must also be previousrecipients of financial aid as the result of demonstrated need. It is a $32,000award to underwrite graduate studies.

2. American Psychological Foundation has eightgraduate scholarship programs, some of which are general in nature and some ofwhich are dedicated to research in certain fields. There seems to beflexibility in the definition of some of these grants however: the Randy GersonMemorial Grant, for instance, provides $6,000 for "Work in the systemicunderstanding of couple and/or family dynamics..." which could easily beinterpreted as field work for a degree in marriage and family counseling. Thereare also several research grants made annually, some of which have fairlyflexible definitions as well.

3. National Association of Social Workers Foundation offersscholarship programs for students pursuing a Master of Social Work degree. Oneof the programs is for graduate students with an interest in mental healthprograms that impact the African American community. Another is for "...masterdegree candidates in social work who have demonstrated a commitment to workingwith, or who have a special affinity with American Indian/Alaska Native andHispanic/Latino populations, or in public and voluntary nonprofit agencysettings."

4. American School CounselorAssociation Foundation offers scholarships to students who areenrolled in a full time graduate level program that leads to a schoolcounseling credential. The program makes ten awards each year, based onfinancial need and academic merit. The degree can be in Education, inPsychology, in Counseling, or possibly even in Social Work. The goal is toprovide support for students who would like a career in school counseling.

5. United States Rehabilitation ServicesAdministration is presenting substantial grants to universities tounderwrite scholarship programs for students who are interested in working asrehabilitation counselors, of which there is currently an acute shortage.Georgia Tech received $750,000 for graduate students in rehabilitationcounseling in 2009; West VirginiaUniversity has two grant funded scholarship programs from the samesource that run through 2015. There is a list of schools that have receivedgrants on the RSA web site, linked at the beginning of this paragraph.

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