Masters in Counseling School Rankings

Masters in Counseling School Rankings

Masters in Counseling School Rankings

The traditional college ranking services and publications can't provide anaccurate analysis of the best graduate programs in counseling because there isno one academic discipline that provides all counseling degrees. Some of thebest school counseling programs are offered through a university school ofeducation, but there are also excellent school counseling programs found incolleges that have a department dedicated to counseling studies. Graduate programs in counseling are scatteredthrough four academic divisions: Education, Social Work, Psychology, andCounseling in those universities that have created a separate counselingprogram. Our list draws from top schools in each of these categories that haveexcellent counseling programs.

1. Penn State University has one of the finestRehabilitation Counseling programs in the nation. The University offers severalcounseling programs, all of them through the College of Education. They arerecognized for their rehabilitation counseling program, but there are otheroptions in this school: the Master of Elementary School Counseling, Master ofSecondary School Counseling, Master of Career Counseling, and Master of MentalHealth Counseling in Schools & Communities.

2. University of Arizona offers the Master of Education(MEd) in School Counseling. Also available through the College of Education isa nationally ranked Master of Rehabilitation Counseling program. There is anEducational Specialist degree available at the graduate level that is designedfor a number of high level educational positions although the jobs in thisfield often include functions that extend beyond counseling. The University hasdivided its College of Education into departments that cover topics likeeducation of the disabled and dysfunctional which is why the rehabilitationcounseling program falls into the education bracket.

3. Ohio State University has a Master of ClinicalCounseling program that is designed to train practitioners for careers in one ofseveral fields. There is also a Master of Arts in Counselor Education thatprovides a more academic track to the same career goal, unless the student isinterested in proceeding on to a doctorate in Counselor Education. There isalso a Master of School Psychology through a branch of the School of Education.There is a Master of Social Work in Clinical Counseling available through theCollege of Social Work.

4. Boston University has an impressive menu of counselingdegrees. The Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicineis offered through the School of Medicine but designed to meet theMassachusetts requirements for licensure as a Mental Health Counselor. There isa Master of Science in Genetic Counseling also available through the School of Medicine.There is a Master of Education in Counseling available for school counselingcareers.

5. University of Illinois offers a Master of EducationalPsychology program with specialization in Counseling Psychology. The programhas been accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1989 andfocuses on group and individual counseling across a range of populations. TheDepartment of Community Health has a Master of Science in Rehabilitation withspecialization in Rehabilitation Counseling, designed to qualify students forthe Certified Rehabilitation Counselor examination.

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