Masters in Criminal Justice Scholarships and Fellowships

Masters in Criminal Justice Scholarships and Fellowships

Masters in Criminal Justice Scholarships andFellowships

Much like federal student loans, the scholarships available for graduatedegrees are not so numerous but they tend to be higher awards than those madeavailable to undergraduates. In the field of criminal justice there arescholarships and fellowships that have been endowed by professionalorganizations with an interest in criminal justice or law enforcement. Thereare also national programs that are underwritten by federal agencies and bycorporate interests. Our list of available grants for graduate work in criminaljustice represents a sampling of these programs; in many cases corporatescholarships or those offered by large charitable trusts are administered byuniversities at the local level. For that reason it is always wise to checkyour school's database for available graduate levelscholarships and then see if a criminal justice student can qualify under thegrant specifications.

Florida State University has an impressive group ofendowed fellowships for the study of criminaljustice. The University Fellowship Program provides a stipend of $18,000 tosuccessful new or continuing graduate students in criminal justice. Thesefellowships also include a tuition waiver. The Delores Auzenne Fellowship is a$5,000 grant to a new or continuing minority student who is enrolled in agraduate criminal justice program. The Leslie Wilson Assistanceship is also a$5,000 fellowship for an African-American graduate student in criminaljustice.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice is a highly respectedschool operated as one of the City College of New York campuses. The school hasa comprehensive program for graduate studies and has several endowedfellowships available to its graduate students. There is one sponsored by theschool for outstanding scholarship in the amount of $2,000. There is also anInternational Graduate Student scholarship available in the same amount. TheThurgood Marshall Scholarship is open to graduate students who have completed acertain number of credits and who intend to be active in some capacity in thelegal field. There are several other research grants available to graduatestudents.

Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE) offers ascholarship program for undergraduate or graduate students. Applicants musthave completed at least one year of study and must be enrolled in a criminaljustice program or a related discipline such as social sciences, publicadministration, computer science, finance, linguistic arts or some otheracademic area relevant to law enforcement. Awards made by this organization areusually $2,500.

American Society of Criminology offers a fellowship programfor minority students of any ethnic background who have chosen to entergraduate studies in criminology or criminal justice. This organization is anacademic society that focuses on the scholarly side of graduate work in thefield: doctoral programs are important to the organization but any studentenrolled in a Master of Criminal Justice program is a potential PhD candidateas well. The ASC is also a resource for peer reviewed journals in the field andfor a list of graduate programs in criminal justice.

UCLA Graduate Division maintains a database of over fivehundred funding opportunities for prospective and current graduatestudents, students working on a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, andstudents engaged in postdoctoral research. It's a large resource to try andsort through, but often resources like this one are the only place to findfellowship opportunities that do not have a designated academic discipline butmay have a requirement for professional interest that aligns with a degree incriminal justice.

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