Masters in Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships

Masters in Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships

Masters of Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships

For some years there has been a national push to educate more young people in the United States in the STEM fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. One of the results of that effort has been the proliferation of scholarship programs for these academic areas at both the graduate and undergraduate level. In engineering, there are also dozens of scholarships offered by local associations for engineering students, and by universities that have received endowments from successful engineering alumni. Because of the popularity of locally endowed scholarships in this field it is a good idea to check with your school's financial aid office about the availability of engineering scholarships or fellowships for graduate students. Many times there will be endowed grants designated for specific fields such as civil engineering or for study as a mining engineer. At the national level there are many programs for STEM students who are seeking a graduate degree in any engineering field.

1. American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) has several options for financial support, among them the SMART program which essentially underwrites an entire masters in engineering program in return for an agreement to work in one of many Department of Defense agencies. The NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program is an option for students in Aeronautical Engineering. The National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship program is yet another government sponsored effort to educate engineers, and the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program underwrites engineering research projects, although this initiative is primarily targeted at doctoral fellows.

2. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has eleven scholarship programs for graduate students pursuing a degree in electrical or electronics engineering. Several are oriented to the electronics side of the field, such as the travel grant for a student presenting a paper on Computational Intelligence. Many are less esoteric than that, meant to provide support to graduate students who have financial need, including one program for graduate Electrical Engineering students who need help getting through a summer semester.

3. American Society of Mechanical Engineers awards over $100,000 in scholarships annually to undergraduate and graduate students working towards a degree in mechanical engineering. The graduate level awards are all endowed fellowships provided by successful engineers in the field, or their families. One of them is designated for a graduate student at Virginia Tech; another is for a student interested in a career in power generation. All applicants must be student members of the Society.

4. American Society of Civil Engineers has several fellowship programs for graduate students pursuing a civil engineering degree. Applicants are expected to be student members of the society. Some of the programs are for any graduate student in civil engineering; others designate an area of specialization such as hydraulic construction. Generally the awards are for one year, although applications can be renewed. The ASCE is active in supporting both undergraduate and graduate engineering students with financial need.

5. Associated General Contractors of America has a scholarship program for students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate level degree program that is construction related. At the graduate level the degree choices could be civil engineering structural engineering, materials engineering or environmental engineering. All of these academic disciplines are important to the construction industry, with the master's degree increasingly becoming the management level choice. The graduate level fellowships are awarded on an annual basis, in the amount of $7.500.

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