Masters in Forensic Scholarships and Fellowships

Masters in Forensic Scholarships and Fellowships

Masters in Forensic Scholarships and Fellowships

There are not a lot of scholarships dedicated to specific academic pursuits in this relatively new field - or relatively new term for several well established fields. Forensics is essentially investigatory activities in several different areas of professional expertise, so enrolling in a forensics degree program is possible in a number of academic disciplines. Those include but are not limited to psychology, criminal justice, forensic science, nursing, accounting, anthropology, and several IT and computer areas of focus. Our sampling of scholarship programs includes several of these fields, focused primarily on those academic choices that can be targeted at forensics. Most forensic nurses, for example, are trained RNs that ended up specializing in forensics rather than pursuing a career in the field. The scholarships listed below are for degree programs that offer forensics as a specialization.

1. American Psychological Association has a database of scholarships available to graduate students in psychology that are targeted at all areas of specialization within the field. Often the scholarship or grant will be inexact, for a student pursuing a career in psychology meant to further the understanding of violent behavior for example, rather than a forensic psychologist. There are awards for masters' and doctoral students.

2. John Jay College of Criminal Justice offers master's degrees in forensic psychology, criminal justice forensics, and many other degrees related to criminology and criminal justice. The College also has a series of scholarship programs for these degrees including the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship, for which graduate students are eligible; the John Jay Graduate Scholarship program which awards $2,000 to graduate students in any of their programs, and the Graduate Research Scholarship for master's degree students who are conducting research as part of the academic curriculum.

3. Nurses Educational Fund manages several endowed scholarships as well as a scholarship fund underwritten by the organization and its sponsors. Students at the masters' and doctorate level can apply for these funds; area of specialization applies in some cases and not in others. Recipients of the masters' degree scholarships are MSN candidates, most of whom are pursuing clinical specializations that can easily lead to work in forensics.

4. Federal Cyber Service Scholarship Program funded by the National Science Foundation provides a generous scholarship. This program fully funds the tuition and books for a degree in information assurance, and provides an annual stipend of $8,000 - $12,000. In return, the participants must work in a federal agency for a specified period.

5. Association of Firearm and Toolmark Examiners has a scholarship program for students pursuing a degree in Forensic Science. This organization is an example of the degree of specialization that exists in forensics. These scholarship awards are for $1,000 each and may be renewed upon reapplication. Awards are based on merit, which is evaluated in part based on letters from academic advisors.

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