Masters in Forensics Salaries

Masters in Forensics Salaries

Masters in Forensics Salaries

Our brief list of salaried positions in the forensics field includes an assortment of professionals working in different areas of expertise. Forensics is a generic term when it comes to careers; the word describes activities that are related to providing information or evidence in a court of law. The professional providing that service could be a laboratory examiner, a psychologist, a nurse, an information technology expert, an accountant, or law enforcement personnel. Forensics work is primarily identified with criminal justice, but it is also an important function for civil cases that involve the resolution of estates, personal injury cases, property disputes, and cases that involve the mental state of one litigant or the other. Some of the forensic psychology positions require a doctorate; the other professional categories generally require a bachelor's or master's degree.

1. Forensic Psychologist: For psychologists working in this position that hold a doctorate the mean annual wage is $84,220 according to the U.S. Department of Labor. In the State of New Mexico the mean salary is $82,140. In Maryland the mean salary is $90,530, and in Hawaii it is $74,640.

2. Forensic Data Accountant: This salary range varies a little based on the industry where the job is located. The national salary range for the position according to is $51,076 - $76,718. The median salary is $63,450. For a position in the engineering/consulting industry the salary range is $47,438 - $69,421.

3. Forensic Computer Analyst: The range of pay for this job on a national basis is $48,629 - $77,465 according to In law enforcement, presumably including federal agencies, the salary range is $51,233 - $82,841. For the financial services sector the annual salary range is $52,390 - $84,085.

4. Forensic Scientist: We have lifted the salary range for this position from an advertisement placed by the Mesa, AZ Police Department for three levels of forensic science experts to work in their crime investigation and crime lab operations. The salary range posted for these three positions, graduating in seniority, is $47,424 to $90,979. This is for a relatively small police department in a state with average or below average pay scales for public personnel.

5. Crime Scene Investigator: This is the job title made famous by a collection of television shows. The real job is one of many that forensic science specialists undertake. According to the salary range for this position on a national level is $36.630 - $70,000. A sworn law enforcement officer with forensics training and some seniority will probably be paid more than this, at least on the large urban forces.

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