Masters in Organizational Leadership School Rankings

Masters in Organizational Leadership School Rankings

Masters in Organizational Leadership School Rankings

Our list of school rankings is taken from the US News and World Report annual survey of colleges, universities and graduate schools in the United States. There is no easy formula for extracting the schools for organizational development or organizational leadership because many of the universities do not have degrees that relate directly to the subject. Several universities have newly introduced degrees and a few have new departments of organizational leadership or organizational development. Several also offer online programs for organizational leadership and we considered that factor as one of the criteria in selecting our list of schools. All the universities that have schools of business and education - either of which may be the source for a degree in Organizational Leadership.

1. Vanderbilt University has the number one ranked School of Education in the nation. One of the degrees offered within that school is the Master of Education in Organizational Leadership, offered by the Department of Leadership, Policy & Organizations. This degree diverges from the traditional MEd format to offer training in organizational dynamics that is applicable in the corporate world or consulting field. Courses include Organizational Development, Social Context of Leadership, Leadership & Marketing, and Leadership Problem Analysis & Implementation.

2. Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management has a MBA program option that includes majors in Management & Organizations and in Human Resources Management. The MBA in Management & Organizations has three areas of concentration that include Management Consulting, Leadership, and Decision Making & Negotiations. Many of the business degrees in organizational management include courses in labor negotiations, in recognition of the fact that organizational leadership can involve formal discussions over wages and working conditions. The courses at Northwestern that solidify the degree in Management & Organizations include Workforce Diversity, Gender in Management, Behavioral Issues in Strategy Implementation and Leading & Managing Teams.

3. Ohio State University has a unique degree offered through the Fisher School of Business. The Master of Business Operational Excellence is an innovative program that prepares high-potential managers for leadership in any one of a number of service or production industries. The faculty at Fisher has strength in operations management which provides a core of experts who can teach the courses that stitch this degree together. Among the course offerings are Leading Operational Excellence, Data Analysis for Operational Excellence Leaders, Creating & Managing Flow, and Stabilizing Operations for Excellence.

4. University of Michigan Ross School of Business offers the MBA with an area of concentration in Management & Organizations. This degree includes electives that provide leadership skills for individuals and groups as well as the training techniques to enact organizational change. There are also courses on organization analytics, applying business benchmarks to organizational efficiency. Courses for this major include Bargaining & Influence Skills, Interpersonal Dynamics in Management, Human Behavior & Organization, Developing & Managing High Performance Teams, Transformational Leadership, and several others.

5. University of Virginia offers a degree through the Darden School of Business in the field of organizational leadership. The MBA with specialization in Leadership & Organizational Behavior. The electives that shape this degree include Leading Strategic Chance, Managerial Psychology, Tactical Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Managing Teams, Crisis Leadership, and Leadership Values & Ethics.

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