Masters in Project Management Rankings

Masters in Project Management Rankings

Masters in Project Management Rankings

In assembling our collection of Master of Project Management schools we've focused mostly on universities from the schools for IT degrees, business programs and graduate management options. There are project management degrees offered in all of these academic disciplines; there are others with project management specializations but the large majority of degrees issued for this specialty are oriented to business, information systems and construction. In addition there are some engineering schools that offer a project management degree. This short list is really a sampler, but should provide some idea of the type of graduate level academic structures that offer the most highly rated project management degree programs.

1. Columbia University offers an innovative and rigorous graduate level program with the Master of Science in Information and Digital Resource Management. The description of curriculum content discusses the utilization of business IT systems for economic management, integration of social networks, commercial enterprises, and research tools used for problem solving within an IT environment. There are several courses related to project management, one of the important professional responsibilities envisioned by the academic experts that designed this degree program which can be completed in three years of part time study.

2. Northwestern University has a MBA program that includes several project management-oriented fields of specialization. Options include the MBA in Technology Management, MBA in Operations Management, and MBA in Management & Organizations among several others. These three business degrees all offer preparation for project management roles in various business segments. The Technology Management program would obviously be focused on IT system management; the Operations Management degree would apply to production systems design or redesign; and the Management & Organization degree prepares students for organizational development and change management project oversight.

3. University of Michigan/Dearborn College of Engineering and Computer Science has a Master of Science in Program & Project Management that is designed to develop professionals who can deploy programs on a local, national and global scale. The degree targets technical professionals from various industries that include engineering, information technology, military, government, healthcare, energy, and transportation - individuals who need to sharpen their project management skills in order to move into a more senior executive role. The thirty credit-hour degree can be completed over one full year of study and is available as an online option.

4. Ohio State University Fisher College of Business has created a unique graduate level degree focused on the area of continuous business and operational improvement that has developed in recent years with the advent of programs like Six Sigma. The Master of Business Operational Excellence curriculum is a mix of business classes and management technique courses that create a blend which is designed to train students in program management for ongoing initiatives in operations improvement combined with change management.

5. University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce offers the Master of Science in Management of Information Technology that is designed for professionals who have IT budgetary, management, or decision-making responsibilities. The thirty credit hour degree provides the training for developing and implementing projects that keep business IT systems productive in a constantly changing business environment. The curriculum is broken into four modules, one of which is devoted to project management.

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