MBA Salaries

MBA Salaries

MBA Salaries

This is a high profile topic in light of the salaries paid employees of the top investment firms while the financial crisis in the U.S. rolled out during 2008 and 2009. Most of those young millionaires were MBA graduates who were able to land high paying jobs right out of school. That was the rule rather than the exception for top MBA programs five years ago; the job search for MBA grads since then has gotten much tougher. The short list of salaried positions we present here is only a sampling of what is out there; the MBA is one of the most flexible graduate degrees to be had. Students can choose from dozens of career paths, from non-profit management to the investment banks and everything in between. These are common and somewhat generic job titles, with salary figures taken from the U.S. Department of Labor or

1. Finance Director: This position generally involves oversight of an accounting department and the financial software system involved with cash flow management. It is an executive position with some policy responsibility as well. cites a salary range of $73,660 - $130,360. The median salary is $101,430.

2. Marketing Director: One path to this position is twenty years in the advertising business. Another is a MBA in Marketing. According to the U.S. Department of Labor the median salary for a Marketing Manager is $110,030. The salary range from 10th to 90th percentile is $55,720 - $149,390.

3. Risk Management: There are risk managers and then there are risk management managers. For the latter category provides a salary range of $69,562 - $105,642. In banking the salary range is $63,962 - $99,225, and in financial services the pay range is $68,111 - $106,156.

4. Business Consultant: This is a difficult job title to peg with a salary, because the established consultants at the top firms make substantial six figure salaries. The data we provide here is for entry level positions without the seniority that a few years on the job provides. According to the salary range for a business consultant is $58,142 - $104,695.

5. Human Resources Director: Here is another position that requires some experience to attain, but the MBA with concentration in Human Resources Management is an excellent first step towards developing the necessary skills. The salary range for this position is $79,375 - $139,820. That puts the median salary at about $108,500.

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