Michigan Graduate Teaching Schools with Masters and PhD Programs

Michigan Graduate Teaching Schools with Masters and PhD Programs

Michigan Graduate Teaching Schools with Masters and PhD Programs

Michigan State University Graduate School Department of Geological Sciences

Michigan State University is rated as one of the best education programs of 2010, according to US News. Their Department of Geological Sciences allows graduate students to develop skills to address problems that face the modern environment.

Master's in Geological Sciences-Ancient Life Systems

Graduate students in this group will study the history of organisms in biological and physical context. They will focus on changes in ancient global geography, macro ecology and climate, and how their responses relate to patterns of biodiversity. Studies will include cretaceous-age vertebrates, paleoecology and paleobiology of trilobites, and phylogenetic context of lamnid sharks.

Master's in Environmental Geosciences-Geodynamics and Tectonics

This group focuses on the evolution, origin and rates of the deformation of the Earth's crust. The Geodynamics and Tectonics group allows their group to access state-of-the-art geophysical equipment in order to complete their research. They study the geological, geochemical and geophysical levels of plate tectonics and use this data to predict and develop models of mass fluxes, sedimentation, magmatism, lithospheric deformation and fluid flow.

Contact Information

* Address: 206 Natural Science Building, East Lansing, MI 48824-1115

* Phone Number: (517) 353-8787

Western Michigan University Graduate College-PhD in English

Western Michigan University Graduate College Department of English

The Graduate College of Western Michigan University is listed in the best education programs of 2010 by US News. The Graduate College currently offers 69's masters programs, and 30 doctoral. The English department has four concentrations.

PhD in English-Literature Emphasis

Graduate students receiving a PhD in English with Literature Emphasis will be proficient in literary criticism as well as American literature and world literature. Their coursework will include medieval literature, contemporary literature, methods of teaching college writing, and non-traditional literature.

Contact Information

* Address: Department of English, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5331

* Phone Number: (269) 387-2572

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