Minnesota Graduate Teaching Schools with Masters and PhD Programs

Minnesota Graduate Teaching Schools with Masters and PhD Programs

Minnesota Graduate Teaching Schools with Masters and PhD Programs

University of Minnesota Department of Anthropology

University of Minnesota students are introduced to modes of subject matter and inquiry of their respective branches of knowledge, and learn to express themselves and enhance their learning. The Anthropology Department of the University of Minnesota prepares students for biological anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology.

PhD in Anthropology-Sociocultural Anthropology

Doctoral students entering this graduate program are required to have two-thirds of their coursework in anthropology and one-third in a minor program. They must attend at least one anthropology seminar per semester. Coursework will include research methods in social and cultural anthropology.

PhD in Anthropology-Archaeology and Biological Anthropology

Graduate students in this PhD program will study a number of tops including excavation, artifact analysis and field survey. Other projects will include research design and project management, historical archaeology and cultural development of language.

Contact Information

* Address: 395 Hubert H. Humphrey Center, 301 19th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55455

* Phone Number: (612) 625-3400

University of St. Thomas Graduate Programs in Software

The Graduate Programs in Software of St. Thomas emphasize application and theory, allowing the student to improve their software development environment. They do this by providing the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to apply theory to the work place.

Master's of Science-Software Management

This program offers students the most practical, relevant and applicable knowledge that is available in software management and software engineering. Students will focus on development management and technical issues, and will be able to systematically plan, propose and manage software development strategies. Courses cover technical communications, database management systems and design, and software quality assurance and control.

Master's of Science-Software Systems

Graduate students of the software systems program will develop skills and information that will allow them to effectively function when involved in information systems development. Graduates will be proficient in software development techniques, methodologies and technologies. Coursework will include systems analysis and design tools, software engineering and foundations of software development.

Contact Information

* Address: 2115 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55105

* Phone Number: (651) 962-5500

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