Missouri Graduate Business Schools

Missouri Graduate Business Schools

Missouri Graduate Business Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business

The Trulaske College of Business of The University of Missouri is one of the business schools in the country. This college focuses on professionalism, research, and the practical application of business ethics, law, and philosophy. The school works under high academic expectations and works to set up graduate students careers and professions that will put them in top management and executive positions. The college offers a wide array of degrees for undergraduate and undergraduate students. The school also offers classes and programs for part-time and non-traditional students.

Crosby MBA:

This program allows graduate students to begin their professions in the world of business by earning an education that is concentrated in both research and practice. Students take classes in economic thought, finance, management, marketing, and leadership. Students work in a community to learning organizational thinking and also work in internships to understand the application of their educations. Over 70% of students in the program are on academic scholarship. Students who complete the MBA program find that they are prepared for their professions. Many students are placed in jobs directly after graduate school. Some students choose to purse PhD degrees.

PhD in Business Administration - Finance:

Graduate students learn about how businesses are built through funding. They learn about corporate structure and how the finances of a successful corporation are managed. Students will extensively study economic philosophy, business law, and business ethics. Students use case studies and communications with executives to understand the inner workings of the contemporary global business. Students work closely with faculty to grasp and expound upon key financial concepts. Students who complete this program enter executive positions and also teach at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Contact Information:

Address: 213 Cornell Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211

Phone Number: (573) 882-2750

The Bloch School of the University of Missouri

The Bloch School is school is located in Kansas City, Missouri and focuses its business education on both research and practical application. The school takes advantage of its urban location to offer students experience and internships working with a number of community businesses and organizations. Students may work with local private business or public organizations, such as non-profit groups. The school prides itself on its ability to teach its students innovative problem-solving strategies for many of today's business challenges.

Master of Business Administration

This program trains graduate students to become leaders in the business world. Students take classes in a broad number of business related disciplines, such as economics, finance, marketing, and management. Students will also work internships at local businesses in the Kansas City are, which allows for the experience students need in order to occupy management and executive positions. Students also work closely with faculty when performing research. Many students go on to pursue PhD's after completing the MBA.

Contact Information:

Address: 115 Bloch School, 5110 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO 64110

Phone Number: (816) 235-2215

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