Missouri Graduate Counseling Schools & Programs

Missouri Graduate Counseling Schools & Programs

Missouri Graduate Counseling Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of Missouri College of Education:

This is the leading college of education in the state of Missouri and is commonly recognized as being one of the leading education training centers in the country. The college offers a number of undergraduate, graduate, and certification programs for students and working professionals. The college employs faculty members that are leading professionals and respected scholars in their fields. Students are granted access to a diverse number of internship and clinical research positions. Students are also granted access to cutting-edge research methods and databases. Students work with faculty members complete their programs and begin their education careers.

M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology:

This is a graduate program for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the school counselor profession. Students choose areas of concentration, such as elementary, secondary, or mental health counseling. Students begin the program with a series of courses that make up a core education in counseling psychology. Students participate in lectures, discussions, and learning groups that allow them to explore issues, challenges, and methods in today's counseling field. Students also participate in professional internship experiences, which allow them to excel in their chosen professions. Students also work with academic advisors and faculty members to complete independent research projects and papers. Students are tested often to demonstrate understanding of key theories, practices, and issues in the counseling field. Students who complete this graduate program are qualified to work as school counselors. They may also go on to pursue PhD degrees in counseling.

M.Ed. in Educational Psychology:

This is graduate program for students who are interested in the relationship between psychology and education. Students choose areas of interest and concentration. Students then begin with core courses in education and psychology. Students study the relationships between certain environments and communities with students learning habits and behaviors. Students participate in hours of clinical research and internship experience in local schools and institutions. Students also learn about current research methods and research databases. They analyze case studies, empirical data, and statistical data. Students who complete this program are qualified to work as school psychologists and counselors. They may also serve as administrators.

PhD in Counseling Psychology:

This is an advanced graduate program for students who already have master's degrees in counseling psychology. Students enter this program with a concentration and area of interest already declared. Students begin the program by further exploring key concepts and issues in the counseling psychology field. Students concentrate on developing advanced methods of research using clinical studies, case studies, statistics, and empirical data. Students consult faculty advisors to complete their PhD dissertations. At the end of the program, students must present and defend their dissertations before an academic panel. Students who successfully complete this program become leaders and administrators in the counseling field. Students may also continue research and become educators at the college level.

Contact Information:

Address: College of Education, 16 Hill Hall, Columbia, MO 65211

Phone Number: (573) 882-7731

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