Missouri Masters in Nursing - Graduate Nursing Degree Schools

Missouri Masters in Nursing - Graduate Nursing Degree Schools

Missouri Masters in Nursing - Graduate Nursing Degree Schools

University of Central Missouri Masters in Nursing Programs Located about an hour outside of Kansas City, the University of Central Missouri serves a student body of over 11,000 active students. The College of Health and Human Services offers Nursing programs at the Bachelors and Masters level.

Masters of Science Family Nurse Practitioner (Rural Family Nursing Focus) Qualified students have the option of working towards a Masters focused on becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner with a Concentration on Rural Family Nursing. Students focus on areas like caring for families in childbearing years, single adults, and elderly patients.

Masters of Science Nurse Educator (Rural Family Nursing Focus) Those students that qualify may pursue a Masters to become a Nurse Educator with a focus in Rural Family Nursing. Coursework for this concentration emphasizes teaching practices for nursing as well as how to design nursing curriculum.

Contact Information * Address: PO Box 800, Warrensburg, MO 64093 * Phone Number: (877) 729-8266

University of Missouri - Columbia Masters in Nursing Programs

Columbia sits half way between Kansas City and St. Louis in the heart of Missouri. It is less than a half-hour away from the state capital of Jefferson. This campus is the heart of the University of Missouri system. The Sinclair School of Nursing offers nursing degrees at the bachelor's and master's levels.

Master of Science Nurse Educator Students who qualify for the program may pursue a Master's as Nurse Educator. Students take classes in curriculum development, teaching, advanced physiology and pathophysiology.

Master of Science Nurse Leader Qualified students may pursue a Master's Degree in Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare Systems. Class work focuses on health care policy, financing, ethics, management of patient care, and developing health programs.

Master of Science School Health Nurse Students with an interest in School nursing, who qualify, may pursue a Master's degree in Advanced School Health Nursing. Class work focuses on public health, community based public health, and special care needs of children in a school setting.

Contact Information * Address: MU Sinclair School of Nursing, S235 School of Nursing, Columbia, MO, 65211 * Phone Number: (573) 882-0277

Saint Louis University Masters in Nursing Programs Saint Louis University lies near the center of the city with the same name. This University has a rich 180-year history of serving the city and its residents. The Nursing School offers bachelors, masters, and PhD degrees.

Master of Science Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Qualified students have a chance to work towards a Masters in Adult Acute Care Nursing. This degree program's course work focuses on clinical assessment, clinical studies in acute care settings, and advanced courses in pathophysiology and practice management.

Master of Science Family Nurse Practitioner Students interested in Family nursing can pursue a Masters in Family and Community Health Nursing. Courses for this major include advanced clinical studies, health assessment, and health promotion.

Contact Information * Address: 3700 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, MO, 63108 * Phone Number: (314) 977-2712

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