Nebraska Masters in Nursing - Graduate Nursing Degree Schools

Nebraska Masters in Nursing - Graduate Nursing Degree Schools

Nebraska Masters in Nursing - Graduate Nursing Degree Schools

Clarkson College Masters in Nursing Programs Clarkson College started out as a nursing hospital and developed into a comprehensive university. However, the College has still maintained its focus on providing nursing education. The College offers degree programs in nursing at the associates, bachelors, and masters levels.

Masters of Science Nursing, Nursing Health Care Administration Qualified students who have an interest in nursing administration can pursue their MSN with a focus in nursing health care administration. They will take courses like health care leadership, finance, strategic planning, communications, leadership, and project management.

Masters of Science Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia Those students that qualify can pursue an MSN in nurse anesthesia with the focus on becoming an anesthetist. Students take classes in anesthetic agents, adjuvant drugs, principles of anesthesia, and clinical anesthesia practicum.

Contact Information * Address: 101 S. 42 Street, Omaha, NE 68131 * Phone Number: (402) 552-3100

Nebraska Methodist College Masters in Nursing Programs Located about an hour outside of Kansas City, the University of Central Missouri serves a student body of over 11,000 active students. The College of Health and Human Services offers Nursing programs at the Bachelors and Masters level.

Masters of Science Nursing, Nurse Educator Those that enter the MSN program for nurse educators usually want to pursue work as a teacher in a nursing program for LPNs and RNs. These students take classes in instructional methods, advanced health assessment, curriculum development, developing as a nurse, and teaching as a nurse.

Masters of Science Nursing, Nurse Executive Those students that qualify may work to obtain an MSN with a focus on becoming a nursing executive. Students take courses on topics such as organizational behavior, leadership, human resource management, and financial management/economics.

Contact Information * Address: 720 N. 87th Street, Omaha, NE 68114 * Phone Number: (800) 335-5510

University of Nebraska Medical Center Masters in Nursing Programs The University of Nebraska's Medical Center provides medical education to interested parties in the state. They offer classes at five different campuses including Norfolk, Omaha, Lincoln, Scottsbluff, and Kearney. The College of Nursing offers programs at the bachelors, masters, and PhD levels to qualified students.

Masters of Science Nursing, Adult Health and Illness Qualified students have the opportunity to pursue an MSN with a focus on Adult Health and Illness. Students take classes on topics such as adult health care, health assessment, pathophysiology, and advanced nursing practice.

Masters of Science Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner Those students that qualify may work towards an MSN with a concentration in family nurse practice. Students often work in family practices upon graduation. They take classes in health assessment, health topics for children, adults, and seniors, and advanced nursing practicum.

Contact Information * Address: 42nd and Emile, Omaha, NE 68198 * Phone Number: (402) 559-4000

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