New Mexico Graduate Counseling Schools & Programs

New Mexico Graduate Counseling Schools & Programs

New Mexico Graduate Counseling Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of New Mexico College of Education:

This is considered to be the most prestigious and respected university in New Mexico. This college of education has a national reputation for training and educating many of today's leaders and teachers in the nation's schools and other institutions and organizations. The school provides a wide array of degree and program options for undergraduate and graduate students. The school also offers many areas of concentration and study. Students in the school are offered a number of internship and clinical experiences. Students also have access to a world-class faculty of professionals and scholars. The school also offers programs for working professionals.

Master of Arts in Counseling:
This is a graduate degree program for students who are interested in entering the world of community or school counseling. Students must choose their individual areas of research and concentration. All students begin the program with a core education. They learn about current research methods. They learn how to read and analyze data. They also work with faculty members to learn how to apply their knowledge to real world contexts. Students are offered a number of clinical research and internship opportunities that put them in the field and give them firsthand experience. Students work on independent projects that demonstrate their understanding of the key research methods, theories, and ideas that are prevalent in the field today. Students complete master's thesis papers, which they complete under faculty advisor supervision. Students who complete this graduate program may work as school counselors. They may also work as community counselors as entry-level positions. Students may also choose to pursue PhD degrees.

PhD in Counselor Education:

This is an advanced graduate degree for students who already have master's degrees in counseling. Students enter this program having already declared individual areas of interest. Students continue their academic exploration of key research methods. They conduct further study of popular theories and methods in the counseling field. This is a research and practical application based program. Students spend an equal amount of time researching and participating in counselor education internships and clinical works. Students also attend professional meetings and seminars that are relevant to their fields of study. Students meet and consult faculty advisors, who help them to develop and complete their PhD dissertations. At the end of the program, students must present and defend their PhD dissertations before an academic panel. Students may have to take a number of courses outside of the education department, such as psychology, sociology, and statistics. Students who complete this program are qualified to continue research in a university setting. They may also become college faculty members who teach at the undergraduate and graduate level. Students may also serve as administrators and advisors in a number of public and private industries, agencies, and organizations.

Contact Information:

Address: UNM College of Education, MSC05-3040, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Phone Number: (505) 277-2231

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