North Carolina Graduate Business Schools

North Carolina Graduate Business Schools

North Carolina Graduate Business Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Kenan-Flagler Business School at The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

The Kenan-Flagler Business School is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Among these are BusinessWeek, who ranked the school at 17, The Wall Street Journal who ranked the school at 6, and Forbes, who ranked the school at 15. The school is highly competitive and offers a range of degrees for graduate and undergraduate students. The school focuses on leadership and experience.

Full-Time MBA:

Graduate students begin with a core business curriculum that gives them an advanced knowledge and understanding of a number of core business issues and topics. Classes include financial accounting, business strategy, ethics, management, macroeconomics, and marketing. Students then go on to study a specific business concentration. Students also participate in internships with local businesses and community organizations, such as non-profit groups. Students also have the option to study internationally, which provides them with cross-cultural business experience. Students who finish the program enter high-level management positions and some study for PhD degrees.

Finance PhD Program:

Graduate students prepare to enter university faculty level positions. The focus of the program is on research and analysis. Students study for four years. Coursework includes education in engineering, economics, math, and statistics. Students choose an area of expertise and work closely with faculty to develop a relevant and unique thesis. Students then present a dissertation. Internships and other hands-on involvement methods may be required in some scenarios. Students who complete this PhD degree program move into high-profile faculty research positions at major universities.

Contact Information:

Address: Campus Box 3490, McColl Building, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Phone Number: (919) 962-5327

Duke University's Fuqua School of Business:

This school's main focus is on a research-based education. This means that students learn about the most current issues and methods of business practice and economic thought. Whereas many schools concentrate on practical application of business schools, this school concentrates on scholarship. The school is also focused on developments and issues in the business world as they relate to the global community.

Duke MBA:

Graduate students begin with a core business education with courses such as economics, strategy, marketing, operations management, statistics, and quantitative analysis. The program allows students to utilize the most current and cutting edge research methods. It also allows students to work closely with faculty and develop areas of academic expertise. Students who complete this program often pursue PhD's in a particular concentration. Others enter the workforce at high-level positions. This degree program is rigorous and as a highly competitive admissions process that looks at grades, experience, interests, references, and test scored.

Contact Information:

Address: 1 Towerview Drive, Durham, NC 27708

Phone Number: (919) 660-7700

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