North Carolina Graduate Counseling Schools & Programs

North Carolina Graduate Counseling Schools & Programs

North Carolina Graduate Counseling Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill School of Education:

This is one of the premier schools of education in North Carolina. Students in this school are granted access to a number of internships and clinical experiences. Students also have access to the most cutting-edge educational and research technology, software, and databases. Students work with faculty members, who are among the leading professionals and scholars in their fields. The school offers a wide variety of degrees, concentrations, certifications, and program options for undergraduate students, graduate students, and working professionals who are interested in continuing education. Students may also have the opportunity to study and work in different cities around the country and around the globe.

Master of Education in School Counseling:

This is a graduate program for qualified students who are interested in becoming school counselors. The program begins with a core education. Students learn about the most current research methods, theories and methods of application. Students study different sets of data, such as statistics, clinical research, and case studies. Students learn how to interpret this data and practically apply it to real world situations. Students also learn about cutting-edge counseling, educational, and communication methods. Students participate in a number of internship opportunities locally and in other parts of the country, and even the world. Students meet frequently with faculty members and advisors who assure and help students on their way to completing the degree program. Students may have to design and complete final master's projects and thesis papers. Students who complete this program successfully are qualified to work as school counselors. They may also choose to pursue PhD degrees in counseling or counseling psychology.

Master of Education in School Psychology:

This is a graduate program for students who are interested in becoming school psychologists and counseling students who may have special needs. Students choose individual areas of research and interest, such as elementary school, secondary school, or certain populations. Students then begin with a core education that acts as an introduction to advanced methods of research and practice. Students learn about key issues and challenges in today's field. Students also participate in internships and clinical research projects. Students are asked to complete master's final projects that are designed to add a unique viewpoint or new findings to their field of study. Students may also complete master's thesis papers under close supervision of faculty members and advisors. Students who complete this program may act as school counselors and psychologists. They may also study for PhD degrees in advanced programs.

PhD in School Psychology:

This is an advanced graduate degree for students with professional and academic backgrounds in school counseling and psychology. Students choose specific areas of study and continue using advanced research methods to complete independent projects. Students who complete this program become researchers and educators at the college level.

Contact Information:

Address: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Education, CB, 3500 Peabody Hall, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3500

Phone Number: (919) 966-2612

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