North Dakota Graduate Business Schools

North Dakota Graduate Business Schools

North Dakota Graduate Business Schools with Masters and PhD Degree Programs

The College of Business and Public Administration at The University of North Dakota

This school offers a wide array of different concentrations for different graduate and undergraduate students. This school concentrates on the integration of cutting-edge technology in the contemporary world of business and public administration. Graduate students are given opportunities to work with a number of different private and public companies and organizations. This school prides itself on its distinguished, experienced faculty, which works closely with students to create a hands-on learning experience. Students leave the school with a knowledge of contemporary business technology and the know-how to work within and to lead groups and organizations.

MBA in Administration:

Students begin with a core education that covers classes such as finance, economics, accounting, marketing, management, and leadership. Students learn to work in groups and communities. They take classes in leadership, group, and organizational psychology. This program gives students the experience they need by placing them in internships in community businesses and non-profit groups. Students who complete this degree program find themselves prepared to enter the world of business at high profile positions. Some students even go on to pursue PhD's in similar fields.

Master of Science in Applied Economics:

Graduate students begin with a core education in economic thought. This includes classes in microeconomics, macroeconomics, philosophy of economics, and history of economics. Students are then placed in internships in local businesses and organizations where they can put their economic education into practice. The two main facets of this program include an understanding of contemporary economic thought, as well as knowledge of how to apply these key concepts and ideas. Students who complete this program end up in management and executive positions. Others decide to pursue more research-related PhD degree programs in economics.

Master of Accountancy:

Graduate students who enroll in this program begin by learning the basics of the business education. They take classes in subjects such as corporate finance, qualitative analysis, management, business law, ethics, and tax law. Students then go on to learn about advanced accounting techniques. They cover the most cutting-edge issues and ideas in the field. They also learn about current ethical issues. A good part of this education is dedicated to audit and fraud analysis. Graduate students are encouraged to participate in local and community businesses and organizations, such as non-profit groups. This provides students with the hands-on experience they need in order to succeed in today's business environment. Students who complete this program end up in positions in large companies and firms as well as in small businesses. The school has a strong relationship with local businesses and organizations.

Contact Information:

Address: College of Business and Administration, Box 8098, Grand Forks, ND 58202

Phone Number: (701) 777-2135

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