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North Dakota Graduate Education Schools & Programs

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University of North Dakota Graduate Social Work Programs

The University of North Dakota was actually founded in 1883, before North Dakota even became a state. The University boasts North Dakota's most comprehensive research university. The University of North Dakota initially offered courses in social work as early as 1905 however, a formal social work program was not established until 1939.

Master of Social Work

A Master of Social Work prepares students to be social work practitioners who are ready to solve the social injustices in today's society. Requirements of values based around excellence, determination to find answers, and providing services to those most in need are concepts encouraged in field of social work. Courses cover a range of topics including: family based practices, at-risk youth, youth and family, divorce, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Exploration in each topic will be completed before graduation from the program.

Some unique characteristics of the University of North Dakota's Masters in Social Work degree program include the ability for students to take their course work via Web conferencing. Currently, students are able to take both foundation and concentration classes online. The University of North Dakota feels that flexibility in class scheduling is the key to success for working professionals pursuing their masters degree.

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* Address: Gillette Hall, Room 302 Grand Forks, ND 58202-7135

* Phone Number: (701) 777-2669

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