Ohio Graduate Teaching Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Ohio Graduate Teaching Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Ohio Graduate Teaching Schools with Master's and PhD Degree Programs

Ohio State University Department of Education:

This school is considered the premier department of education in the state of Ohio. Located in Columbus, Ohio, this school provides students with many opportunities to learn the theories and concepts of teaching, as well as the practical application of pedagogical concepts and theories. The department offers a wide range of areas of concentration and a number of different degrees. The school offers undergraduate, master, and PhD degree programs. The school also offers a number of clinical fieldwork opportunities to help students make the transition from student to teacher.

M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning:

This program is for students who have undergraduate degrees in education and would like to gain an advanced understanding of key teaching strategies, concepts, and theories. The program begins with a core education in teaching and learning. Students learn about current research methods as well as issues facing today's schools. Students will choose individual areas of concentration. Students will then work closely with faculty to complete independent projects. Students will also engage in relevant fieldwork in a number of local schools and organizations. Students who complete this program are prepared to teach, take on leadership positions in the teaching community, and act as advisors. They may also go on to pursue PhD degrees in Education.

PhD in Teaching and Learning:

This program is for graduate students who have already completed their master degrees in education. Students begin by further exploring key concepts in today's field of teaching. Students learn about cutting edge research and data. They learn to analyze data and also further explore policy that is affecting today's schools. Students choose individual areas of concentration and perform much clinical research and work. Students work with faculty advisors to complete PhD dissertations. Students who complete this program are qualified to teach to college students, as well as work in government agencies and write school policies.

Contact Information:

Address: 227 Arps Hall, 1945 N High St, Columbus, OH 43210

Phone Number: (614) 292-2332

Oberlin College Graduate Program in Teacher Education

This program is the oldest education program in Ohio and one of the oldest in the country. For hundreds of years, this program has existed in the Oberlin community and worked with local schools and educational organizations to provide students from the colleges and from the local institutions the best opportunities. The department offers a number of different concentrations and areas of study, as well as a number of different graduate certificates. The school also offers wonder internship opportunities, which allow education students to prepare for their careers.

Master of Education:

This program introduces students to advanced theories and pedagogical strategies. Students pick individual fields of study and work closely with faculty advisors to complete independent research and projects. Students also engage in internships at local schools and organizations.

Contact Information:

Address: 132 Elm Street, Oberlin, Ohio 44074

Phone Number: (440) 775-8032

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